Player damage mod of USF4 (2 player local)

My missus and I play USF4 a lot, but because she isn’t a SF veteran (not that I’m tournament grade or anything) we always play with my life at 75% and her at 100%. This all works out fine, and I still win between 66-80% of the time. However, I like to feel the glory of a PERFECT victory which just doesn’t happen if you start at 75% health. So what I’m looking for is a mod that affects one player that either increases the damage they inflict so that we can both start with full health.

So say if Player 1 (my missus) punches me with Ryu, her attack is 133% the normal strength and takes more life from my character.

I’ve tried looking through some of the mods on this site but the descriptions of what they do leave something to be desired.

If someone could lead me in the right direction, either to an existing mod or to a mod tool which I could use to create one with this desired effect. Obviously I want one that only affects local fights, not something that is going to ruin online play for my fellow gamers.

I would be very much appreciative for any help, I really want to shout out “YEAH PERFECT! IN YOUR FACE!”