Player data points

I dont know if this is covered elsewhere on the forums but when im playing online i notice my PP/BP would drop significantly for no reason example my makoto is c rank and pp is at 504 and bp is over 1000 and i’ll win and when i start another match i’ll see it drop from that to 0 pp and like 305 bp. Is this due to the rank ur fighting or the character your fighting? or are the servers just wierd like that?

I’ve seen some stuff like that happen on Live, but it was only about once or twice.

Im thinking you might be mistaking PP with BP though

If your pp is dropping from 504 down to 0 pp after 1 match, that is not an intentional part of the game and sounds more like a bug. I have read though that if you disconnect during a match, your points will be penalized severely and that this was implemented to punish people who disconnect on purpose to avoid a loss. I don’t think you would lose 500 points for it though.