Player leds and turbo panel on a PS360+/HORI Stick


Hi guys. I just bought a PS360+ and I want to install it on my HORI Xbox 360 Soulcalibur V Arcade Stick. My problem is that the Home and Back/Select buttons are on a separate pcb (it’s all together with the turbo panel). Is there any way to make this work that doesn’t require fancy tools? I don’t care for the turbo functionality, but I would really really love to get everything else working as intended.

I apologize if there is already a thread for this, I’ve honestly spent the last 3 days googling it and found nothing.


If you got a multimeter, you can isolate what wires lead to your home button.
You going to have a Home and a turbo button signal line, a ground, and whatever else Hori decides to squeeze into there.

if you don’t have a multi meter, a LED light a battery and wire would work as you just trying to test for continuity (see if electricity flows).


Has anyone figured this out yet?



unplug usb (lol)

multimeter set on continuity…

1 probe into ground
another probe into (pcb point that you want to check)

press the button, if multimeter shows continuity you’re done :slight_smile:


Oh People have in the past, most of them don’t bother making guides.


What I’m wondering is if there’s a way to still utilize the functionality of the turbo panel that allows you to toggle if the covered button operates Start or Back with a PS360+. Can anyone offer any insight into making the one button handle two signals that are toggled by that switch on the turbo panel? I’m not trying to do this but this thread made me wonder.


I don’t see why not, if the switch is at least a SPDT (either on-on, or on-off-on)
There would be 3 terminals on the switch; connect the Start signal to one side, Back signal on the other side, and connect the middle terminal to the button to be used. Connect your Ground line line normal on the button as well.

The only tricky part is to make sure that the switch won’t interfere with anything else. Otherwise, you can always just cut the traces to anything connected to the switch, so that it’s basically connected to nothing else other than the signals mentioned above.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks @FreedomGundam‌ .

For anyone unfamiliar with the N3/NX HRAP this is what the turbo panel looks like:

There are switches to toggle the function of the Back button on the turbo panel and the covered button on the CP between Start/Back or Back/Start and to switch the function of the RSB/LSB buttons to RB/LB.