Player Matches: Practice thy skills and thou shalt be punished


Hello everyone, and thank you for stumbling across my thread. If you don’t mind I’m going to rant for a little bit, and then hopefully ask for some insight and opinions on the matter.

I love this game as much as the rest of you. I’ve never had so much fun with a fighting game, and I can’t get enough of it! And like the rest of you (I hope) I love to win and get better at winning. The problem with this, is I’ve hit some sort of roadblock in learning with other players. I love the concept of player matches: They’re quick, you can fight your opponent again and again in order to learn trick and counters to strategies, and improve your game, right? Wrong. I find my self moving away from player matches on occasion and going back only to find two consistencies: Arrogance and immaturity.

The majority of the time when you find a player who is more skilled than you (Which is the goal in order to improve your game), the first match… they win, obviously. Then next few matches however, consist of taunting, toying, and attempts to make you look silly. None of which happen in a competitive setting. And this isn’t just on occasion… I find this in 4/5 players with more skill than me. Eventually it gets to the point where they pick YOUR character just to show you up once more. This has gotten ridiculous.

Why is it this way? Are individuals bored? Are they looking to make others feel foolish? I find it so hard to enjoy a good set of matches with individuals with the consistency of bad sportsmanship that goes on in the area of the game designed for practice.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Are you one of these individuals and maybe you could shed some light on why you act this way? Maybe you’ve been a “victim” of this kind of activity and maybe you want to rant too? I’m just looking for some input from others about this. Thanks in advance!


cool story bro


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That is when I pick Dan and go medieval on their asses.
Where going medieval is trying to land ALL taunts, including Super Taunt, and occasionally even win on surprise factor.


I like to see how many times I can bite them with Blanka. I shoot for 5 times a round.


In all honesty, when I play online in a player match and I know I am vastly better then the other player I will ask them through microphone if they are new… If I don’t get a response I will usually leave. If they respond they are I ask if they want me to teach them things. If they say they aren’t new I will usually leave as well…

In RL I have a friend who is pretty new and I don’t go all out just like I wouldn’t go all out on someone I know I am better then online because, quite bluntly, it is demoralizing. Sure you can say it would be demoralizing for all the taunting and so on… But seriously, when I can just sit you in the corner and have my way with you over and over, it will get very very boring. To be honest past the basics, thats the best way to learn is to have someone beat some sense into you so you know you aren’t good. But online has issues and if you are still learning the basics, having someone crush you will not really help.


I typically get pretty garbage results in player matches.

Typically I will beat the crap out of people in player matches, and they will boot me after 1 match, sometimes after 2. If I can tell they arent even trying (take their time to pick someone, do random, etc) I will leave myself after I beat the crap out of them. I just don’t want to play someone who isn’t trying to better themself.

Then I will get the guys who know they are not as good as me, but I can see them trying very hard and changing their game to find a way to win. I rarely run into these types of matches online, but when I do, even if I know I am better than the person, I will still play against them to help them learn and practice execution. I actually had a good set against someone last night named MobiousK (i think that was his name) and I won 9-0 agianst his Ryu, but the more and more we played the closer and closer he got to defeating me.

When I do run into a player that can beat me and we have great sets, it usually ends with a friend request so that we can play more.


Sadly I toy with players worse than me, and get toyed with players better than me.

But if a player is worse than me, and I notice him adapting I try to take him seriously so he can learn a thing or two. If they don’t even try to adapt… I toy with them.

Just my experience.


Dude you worry too much about what your opponent thinks about you. Just learn from them whether they are nice to you or not. Like if he’s picking your character against you and beating you, then watch what’s he’s doing that you’re not.


I could care less what they think of me, you don’t seem to understand my point. I can’t learn from a player who insists on taunting and playing around all day when they know they’re better. My frustration comes from not being able to learn from these skilled players, not their opinion of me.


Well at least you’re on both sides of the coin. It’s nice to see you give them a chance at least, if it does end with toying in the end.


I would approve of this even if you were beating me senseless.


I hate when people fuck around too. But the truth is you CAN learn from when people are fucking with you. I mean if they’re fucking with you, taunting etc…it means they aren’t trying that hard and they’re still winning. So you probably have major holes in your gameplay. You might just want to sit through those kinds of games for as long as you can, you probably will pick something up and realize you aren’t mixing up well or you start jumping in too much or something.

If you want to fight people who AREN’T fucking around, try playing Championship mode. I still like Championship mode even though most of the players suck because you can learn to counter stupid shit that you know is bad but can still be kind of a pain in the ass (i.e. a guy who just jumps back in the corner and does j.HK over and over again, or a guy who mostly mashes uppercut during block strings, etc)

Im not sure what the players you’re playing are thinking/doing but it can be kind of boring to play someone who’s so bad that they NEVER block on wakeup even though you keep countering wakeup attacks, or they never stop jumping even though its clear you’re waiting to AA jumps. If there’s some move they’re spamming or some situation you take damage in every time, you need to learn from those situations. Write them down and ask someone here what you should do or just try to figure it out.


ok, well then, are these players that are taunting you still beating you while they are toying with you? if so, that means they are still doing things you can’t counter or adapt to, which means there are things you can learn from how they’re playing, even if their style of play is demeaning to you. once you start punishing them, reacting to what they’re doing, and beat them down, they’ll probably start playing serious. but, if they’re beating you by just screwing around, why should they try

Edit: ^ I just realized Mariodood said pretty much the exact same thing above me, and his post is more detailed, so go by that


Player matches are pure ass, and not the good type of ass.

A good example is I play this guy 7 times total. I win the 1st six times, and he finally beats me the 7th time, no big deal right? Wrong. This bastard kicks me out of his game room, sends me a message saying I suck. I respond and say I beat his ass 6 out of 7 games, and he responds that he was playing with one hand the 1st six games and watching his wife masturbate until he got serious for the 7th game. Fucking dumb lying bastards with small dicks on XBL is what ruins multi-player at times.


I went online for the first time today and did some player matches, I lost about 18 player matches against one opponent, who mostly alternated between random and Gen. I did feel demeaned, but I am a noob, and it showed. There wasn’t much taunting though. It was fun at first but I did feel quite disheartened by the end of the 20th match, but I did get 2 wins in. I messaged him after I left saying I’ll challenge him after more training, on a later date. Overall, a good wakeup call to not worry about pulling off Hard trials, but to be more practical and learn small things I could implement into my play easier.


lol…holy crap, if that ain’t sig worthy I don’t know what is. As a former XBL member, I know just what you’re talking about.

SF4 is really the only game I’ve actually been sitting down with and trying to get better at. Most of my time is spent in the training room, and I was lucky enough to meet a good sparring partner without much trouble (SolidxPanda). The one random online match that I have had was against a guy named Konkarilla(?) he (and Panda for that matter) mopped the floor with me in every single round we played, after awhile it seemed I was nothing but fodder to them. Afterwards he gave me pointers on what I needed to focus on (my FADC was, and still kinda is, weak as hell) and informed me that I need to pick a main and really dedicate myself to learning that one character until I know what the hell it is I’m doing.

I am sure I’ll eventually run into the type to toy with me during a match, but so far it has gone well for me. And like Teez said, if they start up fucking with you then maybe there is a flaw they are exploiting. It might do well not to take so personally and try to use that moment to really evaluate your strategy and adapt in a way that allows you to punish them for taking you lightly; I’m sure the taunting will stop real quick like.


One review of another game (MAG on PS3) I recently read opened my eyes about the status of console online gaming.
That game is stellar on paper (256 player battles with chain-of-command roles and maps the size of Texas!), but is utimately doomed, and NOT by the newbies.
It is the midway-experienced people that don’t listen and make up their own strategies, which inevitaby fail because the game NEEDS you to listen to your squad commander.

In SFIV the problem does not lie in the skilled players, but in the 16 year old wannabe-pros that tier whore their way to meaningless victories, especially in player matches.
You might say it’s legit, since this is competitive, but so is the right of us that refuse to pay 60$ to play Ryu Fighter 4 with people that have hormone imbalances.

Since I am always trying to learn a new character (there WILL be a random pick tournament some day! :looney:), I often find myself on the receiving ends of their antics.
By the way, more often than not, I usually then pick Gouken, my main, and beat them into pulp.
They usually leave at that point.

tl; dr: The people that do that are not good players, just mediocre 16 year old tier whores that have barely enough neurons to muscle-memory the best combos in the game. Avoid them.


I play only player matches now. The key is that you add people you like playing to your friend list. If someone played about 20 matches with you without kicking you or or quitting, chances are good that he’s also interested in fighting you again later.

I met a few better people who taunted often but that doesn’t really make me angry at all. It usually happens when it’s an unfamiliar character where the opponent gets his shenanigans going. Usually i can learn a thing or two even from those matches.

The only thing that makes me really angry is when i fuck up my execution too much, but nothing the other player does makes me upset.


hey is that cheap? i play blanka and get hate mail when i win AND lose because they get grabbed so much, but i only do it when they let me XD.

And when playing player matches op, just keep playing your best always since is the best way to improve. Dont get angry at them because they are better, try to learn from them, especialy when they do a mirror match :smiley:

-edit- sounded harsh i think, anyways same thing happens to me sometimes. get good and dan and try to embarass them too