Player Points Question


I’ve got a question concerning player points in online play.

Are there any sort of guidelines for relating player points to skill? I was playing online and I fought a Sagat with around 2000 player points and while that seemed like a lot I wasn’t sure if he was just kinda good or really good, I’ve got no frame of reference.

I guess I’m either looking to figure what certain player point amounts mean, or if it really doesn’t matter than let me know.


Player points do not matter IMO.

Bad players can boost their points…while good players may not even play ranked, online even.


Thanks for the reply.

EDIT: I’m sure I would find much better players in arcades and whatnot but I’m in the middle of Missouri so unfortunately online is my main way to play.


They really need to abolish the player point system and keep battle points. At the very least Battle points shows how much time someone has put into a specific character. But when it comes to online play you never know how good the other person is, based on points alone you can only guess

either that or go the mortal kombat route and post amount of matches played with win rate


Umm no? If anything they should scratch the BP system because it’s utterly worthless and just shows that you’re playing a lot.

PPwise, generally above 3000 PP you will find people that play at a decent level for the most part. Below that it’s pretty random, with most people being really, really bad.
BPwise, anything between 0-15000 BP can be anything between a masterful player who just picked up a new character, or someone that massgamed himself up to 10k BP by mashing SRK.


General rule. If they are 3000+ don’t jump in.


The entire PP system falls apart online because you can cherry pick who you play. Without blind opponent selection, any ranking system is prone to massive abuse.


Usually a player with high PP and BP of a difficult to use character, can be proficient in most easier to use characters.


The general consensus in a ton of other threads on the topic is the points are BS