Player Recommendations for League (Check here for Updates)

Remember that whole league I was talking about? Yeah its happening.

I need you guyzzzz help though.

I am looking for you guys to recommend players who should get invites. On my tour to Canada this weekend I’m going to be watching match videos of players you recommend. Heres the format I need

Name/System/Region/PRIMARY team used

For now, please no international players. I know you’re reading this SimSim,Vulcan Im sorry, I still love you. This is mainly due to connection regions. This is still in the baby stages however, I want to start getting a general idea of what players should get invites. There is no set limit to how many players. Here is a list of players I am already in the process of watching and considering (Which is below). For you PS3 guys I am going to set up a way so you guys can submit to me replays. Also you Xbox guys, just look me up on live (My tag is Kat Dennings CA) and give me some replays of players who I may not know.

For people you recommend remember this:

I am not looking for a basis on “He has a lot of BP” or “Hes a top player”, That is not my goal. My goal is the find the best players, known and unknown due to various reasons. So if there is a player that you think should be considered in recommendations, list them down and ill check them out. This is 100% open to everyone. Ultimately there will be a voting process, but for now, I want all possible names. I will list them on the list I already started. We will see where this goes from here.

Here is a guide for unsure who to recommend and these are qualities I am also looking there

  • A Strong grasp of the SFxT system and its mechanics
  • A strong grasp of their team
  • A Strong grasp of their characters
  • A Strong grasp on a specific character
  • Overall a solid player but does not get exposure.

We say the online community is the best, lets show people why. Keep in mind I am purposely not including Ryan Hunter, Jibbo, Myself, and Arturo… More on that later.

Here is the list so far.

Sethlolol/PS3/Midwest/ Law x Kuma

TSW Ash/360/West Coast/Various**

LowBlowLogan/360/???/Yoshi and Ibuki

Bannana Ken/360/Midwest/Ken x Lili

SinisterCyclops/360/East Coast/ Bison x Ogre

Costello91/360/Midwest?/Various Bob Teams(Need to find out exactly)

Coolkid/360/Unknown/Cody x Bob

Tampa Bison/360/Southeast/Bison x Rolento

Wolfkrone/360/Midwest/Lars x Jin

Big Boss/??/??/ ??? [Get a hold of me via PM or something]

Dragongod/360/Tristate/ Alisa x Hwo

Qs FrEnZy/360/???/Various Alisa based teams

Viscant/360/WestCoast/ Bison x Zangief

Ike Takeda/360/West Coast/

DemonBry/360/Midwest**/Akuma x Ogre

FTKThe Computer/ 360/?? / Chunli- Nina

CMPunk/360/Midwest*?/ Various Law based teams


JB/Ps3/East Coast/ Various Teams based around Ryu

smokeysm/360/???/ Elena x Hugo

I understand the connection thing, but Canada should work better than Europe I’d think? Poor Vulcan and eDane! Also I hope people will recommend some good players, since I can’t speak from much personal experience:/

You should probably elaborate the league itself in detail before looking for players. I’d wager most people (myself included) have no clue what you are trying to actually pull off here.

I nominate LowBlowLogan/360/???/Yoshi and Ibuki

I don’t agree with everyone on the list personally, but I’m not the one running the league. But definitely LowBlowLogan. If needed, I can find some of his replays and host them on my youtube.

Well Jibbo not joining…he’s kind of in Japan at the moment so he couldn’t join initially even if he wanted.

Also, another thing, you HAVE to set it up so the PS3 and 360 guys are separated on your list.

More information is coming soon, just trying to get a names set in stone first. Just because I have someone name does not guarantee anything,

Also this name is also going to be changed also along with a lot of other stuff,

I’m officially nominating myself Kappa

Jailhousefrog89/360/long island/ogre x hwoarang

I also nominate guyofkaillera

Guyofkaillera/360/???/jin or Lars x guy or raven

Hey joe I’m on ps3 and I’m in Florida main team is alisa/hwoarang

I love watching you play. Sorry I need to change this op Kara storm brought out informatn for the league, sign up go go go go go ill change the op soon. I’ve been in Montreal since Thursday, still unpacking.l

Thanks and right now the sign ups is only for Xbox players atm

I’m really behind I’m sorry, Concert week at my university gives me just enough time to do nothing,