Player running from the rog

I freaking hate when any shoto jump heavy kickall day and stuffed my well time dash punches and other character run to please help I got a b balrog and losing mad point but I dont care about the point just the bullshit people do it just bad gameplay its not run fighter 4 Act Gay editon

obviously they are not that well timed or else it would work

you could always anti air if they jump? if they corner themselves they are fucking themselves over and are doing you a favor

Yes my dash Punches are well time I’m not a noob u e-thug. Lag let’s them do gay stuff like that

Dont do dash punches to much to poke there are ways around that to punish you. You need to play the waiting game. use your Cr.Hk and Standing Hp use your different pokes. with a shoto who knows how to use his dragon punch NEVER jump at them. Cr hp works wonders also dude. Dont complain because you playing sloppy

Play smart not agressive

Oh I got a good one. I was playing AE earlier today and I ended up playing this B ranked Vega player. Homeboy was so free I almost felt sorry for him. Well he took it as an insult because in the third round and on he did nothing but that dumbass back flip thing and running away the whole time. Then when I actually get the distance closed a bit he would do an EX FBC–>Izuna Drop combo. This bastard gave me even more of a reason to hate Vega. >:(

He was cornering himself and you were complaining.
As a Rog main?

Dash punch timing?
You’re a Rog main, right?

Anyhow to these players… walk them to the corner. Cr. HP, headbutt, stand HP, stand HK, close stand MP… all situational things that work.
No dash punch should be used as a spacing tool if they’re jump happy. You don’t ‘time’ dash punches. It’s not fun being in the recovery of them when they whiff.

Son, stand block.

That is all.

Yes it’s frustrating… But seriously…

Just… Walk… Forward…

If I see a jump-back Shoto I’m going to walk right into their personal space, I’m going to sit exactly where A) I can DF their forward jump trying to escape… B) I can F.HB their Neutral Jump if they stay in the corner hoping you DS… C) Going to pepper the fuck out of them with Normals if they sit there, crouching, or throwing out random sweeps/cmk etc hoping to keep you away…

Some may even try a Jumping Tatsu to Escape - TAP that shit or double dash sweep. Hell, if you’re really tip top on reactions, you can Autocorrect Ultra and hit them for the majority of it, grounded, in their recovery.

If a Rog is going to use specials as a gap-closer versus jump-backers, it’s asking to be stuffed by jumping normals, whiff and be punished during your recovery, or just leave you no control of your character when they start throwing random fireballs between jumps. Stop trying to time specials and walk forward - It’s far more intimidating, nevermind safer.

Thanks I needed this info guys