Player stats



The first week I had a 70% win ratio with Hawk. My current stat is 59% with about 191 games played online. BP is a 3300. Times used 240.

I was wondering how everyone else is doing.


3030 BP
56.25% win rate
number of times used: 979


I quit paying attention when I hit B rank…since then, it’s been all downhill. I’m under 4k now…I think my highest was 5100ish. If you get to B and get on a losing streak, forget it. You won’t get back over B if you play ANY matches with people lower ranked. You get ONE BP for a win if they are lower ranked and you lose 70ish if you lose to a lower rank. with a 70:1 ratio like that, you won’t get it back up unless you play matches against people that are MUCH more skilled than you.


Acording to PSN Im in the top 100 T-Hawks…which is a load of crap… I REALLY hope tournament mode is better than this dreck at evaluating player skill.

I have no idea how to check my win rate… where is that?
I think I have just over or under 1000 games played with T-Hawk.
My Bp with T-Hawk fluctuates between 6500 and 5500 at the moment, but I think If I continue to improve it wont be too tough to hit 7k.

Danmishima is exagerating a bit. It IS retarded how much things slow down as you Gain points. But it isnt that hard to get them back.


I think I have about 200 matches with Hawk. No idea what my BP(These shouldn’t really count for much of anything), PP( I think this is pretty low though. As I’ll pick a character whether I know them or not and jump into ranked.), or win percentage is(48% -ish?).

I don’t know. Online is kinda lame. But I will say that playing laggy online matches on my laggy LCD TV has given me great reflexes when playing offline :tup:


Gotta agree here that ranked dosen’t evaluate skill very well I’m sill mediocre with T.Hawk but xbox says i’m top 100? WTF?

Anyway I have 350ish games with T.Hawk win rate is 54% and right now BP is 5284


Online is kinda lame but

BP 5508
Most BP 5629
Class B
Fights 235
Wins 177
Win Rate 75.32%
Longest win streak 26
Perfects 14
Normal Wins 303
Ultra Wins 59


Dang Gridman pretty good.

Im sitting at
100 games played(nice round number)
61 wins
61 win%
Longest win streak 11
Perfects 2

Seems like Im loosing the more I play.


number of fights=184
win rate=57.07%
longest win streak=9
normal wins=185
ultra combo wins=56
super combo wins=9
cheap wins=2
TO Wins=0
first attacks=196


The highest I got was BP= 5150 or so. Danmishima pretty much told my story for me. Once I hit B, I plummeted into a losing streak all the way down to 4200+…/wrists. I was once the 5th best American T.Hawk on XBox Live…nostalgia kicking in. But then I came to these message boards, which boosted my self-esteem when I read no one gives a shit about BP, lol. Idk my actual win pct because I’ve had to play on my brother’s Xbox this summer, but I’m at exactly 50% since the start of the summer.


Yeah man, I was #25 T Hawk on PSN then right down the crapper to #125 in little more than a week. But then I started playing the endless with the guys on this forum and I havn’t played a ranked match since. The numbers make me feel pressue for some reason, so I had to stop. Much better with the endless…even if I get worked, I don’t have a problem with it in endless.


^^Yeah, I should probably switch to doing more endless too. Ranked is just so frustrating…


Battle points is a horrible way of evaluating skill. PP the most i ever had was 3,043. I’m on 2865 or something now.