Player that impressed u the most


who was the player that impressed u the most at evo2k3 weather it be some person who was hyped and actully lived up to the hype. Or someonme u never saw play or just really impressed u or just came outta no were :smiley:

sorry im at a friends house and bored spaming is fun


Mixup - i heard talk about this guy but he reallllllllly came threw sick ass mag/storm/tronz

row - always fun to watch


just ino and daigo


aznhitler - wow hellllllla good johnny and potemkin

Fubarduck - Def impressed me the most his zappa god dam =O

anyways thats enunf =]


i was diggin’ finalshowdowns ky. that shit was beast.


Players that impressed me the most? Let’s see:


SooMighty - Evo was my first time seeing him play in person and all I have to say is “Damn!” he’s got one crazy ass Magneto!

RowTron - Has an awesome Sentinel and is one hell of a cool guy.

That one guy using Gambit/Morrigan/Son Son 'nuff said.

Clockw0rk - Also first time seeing him play in person. His Strider/Doom is siiiiiiiick.

Viscant - Cause he’s sexy, and I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible. :o

Capcom vs. SNK2:

Ino - He’s got some crazy JD skills and has great execution.

BAS - Love watching him play A-Groove, plus I had a blast hanging out with him Sunday night at the hotel. :smiley:

Guilty Gear XX:

Fubarduck - Best Zappa player EVER!

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike :

John D. - Without a doubt he has one of the best Uriens here in the states. On top of that he’s one hell of a cool guy. Much respect goes out to him.

Paul Lee - Plays an amazing Ken and really knows his stuff. He also (along with John D.) put up with me, so much respect goes out to him as well. :lol:

Mark “Mopreme” - He thinks therefore he wins. Amazing player to watch and to play against. Also super friendly. Mad props go out to him.

K.O. - Crazy Yun and lover of the word “Nipples”. Need I say more?

There were hella more 3S players I were impressed by but just don’t have the time to list… :sweat:

That’s pretty much it.


btw i heared/read that ino JDed hondas handslaps?

if this is true, respect :open_mouth: i saw his cvs2 skills on a tape before, against ricky O i think…

anyways, i wasnt there, so i guess just all the ppl who participated: mad props


mvc2: soo…

cvs2: ino.

ggxx: no one, i hate everyone, just because i had hard bracket, die die die… i suck :(.


Need I quote the power of IRC logs? I thought you said I turned everything into dust loop + perfect when I got mad at Potter’s. :smiley:

Anyhow, Mixup and Soo impressed me the most out of the marvel cats. RUIN’s eddie is FUCKING AMAZING. Had me waaayy off through both matches. Should have picked fuckin Johnny. Romel’s Jam was hella dope too. I got him perfecting someone first round with Jam (the guy was playin Sol too). And need I say MIU. Fucking BEAST and flashy at the same time!

No CvS2 action impressed me whatsoever, except Ino’s JD skills. KO. Daigo (any man who throws more than one $2000 dragon puch per round deserves respect) and Ino hella impressed me in 3S. And I give myself a commendation for going out in ST but pulling short short xx super off with Ryu in a game I don’t play :smiley:




haha, dope hat:D


lol! thx man that cracks me up iv got that alot D=


T_T :frowning: ._.:sweat: :depress: sniffle sniffle…

thanks very much. However i sucked and played very badly and only embarressed my self. Next year i will try not to get screwed over, and play better in the real tourny.


What impressed me the most was the general skill level out there on the west coast.

If i had to name players(and i do only play marvel but watching cvs2 ino is always dope)

soo is no hype

randy lew is cable himself

rowtron is kerazy

and of course the wong himself…some people who wonder who has the best sentinel need to go watch wong vs junior b and check out how he uses unfly+ assist vs cable, sneaky damn chinaman…


Genghis: “You n’ the captain can make it happen!”

Soo: sound of Inkblot on the mic

Row: Always the man

Mixup: The best Magneto I’ve ever seen that came from the EC. Clearly one of the best I’ve played period.

Clock: The only one who could touch Justin in singles. Strider is forever.

Randy Lew: I’ve never seen anyone utilize cable’s grenade as well as he did in his match vs. Soo. He has taken Cable defense to a whole new level.

Justin K: Gambit/Morrigan/Sonson is dope.


daigo, he’s just a beast.

ino. best handskills period.

soomizzle of course, for beasting so hard in team tourney.

drew motherfucking loken, holding it down for east coast and getting back into ggxx form during tourney. a real player.

randy fuckin lew for having the best cable since duc, in my opinion.

ricky for TAMING THE GODDAMNED BEAST in 3S best SF drama ever.

k.o. for same reason, winning a huge tourney like that with SA3 yun. mad work.

whoever that korean was doing ha-ha step. simply beautiful.

floe RUSHING THAT SHIT DOWN with taki.

Aris’s bomb ass intro and INSANE fucking voldo

semi, cuz hes so stylish.

ryan heart, cuz, well, i didnt know he was black.

edit: one thing i really forgot to mention, ponder’s buri was a fucking beast also. never seen him played like that, good shit.

and of course justin WONG


Ruin’z Eddie was fuckin’ dope… It made me actually want to play gg, but I never did.:lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Daigo proved that you can syke niggas minds by just walkin’ forward. Mad pimp.

FinalShowdown, your straight gangsta… repin’ pad skills. Damn, I thought you did very well. :cool:

That one guy that used bridget in the 5on5, that was tight. Trike-bear super is comedy and deadly.

Mixup, The only thing I got to say is “God Damn”

If I only had skillz.



MixUp - My face was like this when I heard he wasnt in the finals:eek:

Row - Damn that sentinal shit I saw was NASTY


Dr.B - almost had it damn I was busting nuts over that match with daigo


I was suprised I didnt really think I was good i believe I was like atleast top 20 there but thats just my opinion

the only people I will say that I believe are good besides the japs are

ID, Fubarduck(low tear madness), Duece, Power, and anyone else that was in our GGXX room at the hotel sorry if I didnt mention your name

Im sure there were more but I didnt think you were special or I dont know your Shoryuken name oh well


All the other games I didnt even bother looking at


I think I was in your hotel room! I play bridget =D


That’s the hotel room potter and crew left me in and ditched me for a day. Oh well. =/ Brad was kind enough to drive back to the area and pick me up.

Good games that day at Potts, btw.


I was impressed by too many marvel players come to think of it…the scene is fucking huge and MAD peepz play the game on a high level

Except for one thing about cali that is like wtf

The super scrubs:lol:

Cali’s shitty people own most states:p


anyway besides japs, players that impressed me the most


there were like no slayers. wtf. imma play slayer next time.

id- true to his word can win without dloop <3

all the Pot players, keep it real

Alex T. padscrub 4 life!


J.wong and his ninja turtle power

dr.b sgroove = win


everyone who plays chunli sucks.

ken players <3

mavel: no.

sc2: x_sc2, avis (sp?)

ttt: kbm

t4: the guys who beat mdg, kbnova’s lee

vf: no.



Daigo and MIU obviously. ID, Chaotic Blue, Ruin, and Eric Choi impressed me the most out of the WC group. Alex Tao too, just cause he’s a pad player who came out of nowhere. And of course there’s fubarduck!

And Marneto, you showed me a few things with Buri that I’m stealing now. kthx =D

3rd Strike:

KO for bowning all, KSK for winning with a crap character (really, only a few can hang with top-tier and Alex ain’t one of them), and Daigo in that finals.


SooMighty in the team tourney. Genghis OCVing Wigfall with Commando in same tourney (provided Wigfall didn’t throw his matches like I’ve heard). The guy on the big screen who used Morrigan/Sonson/Gambit.


Dr. B and Ino.


Watts for beating the TWO-TIME, TWO-TIME, TWO-TIME national champion. The Japanese, esp. Ohnuki for realizing the power of Chun-Li (most underrated char in that game IMO, but that’s something for another time).

Tekken Tag:

Kenbou! Haha step that shit jugga!!!

Oh, and Ryan Hart for placing 2nd despite not being Korean.

Tekken 4:

The Ling player who beat maddogjin. Other than that nobody, this game is garbage and I really fucking hope there’ll be a new Tekken by the next Evo.


ARIS! Absolutely my favorite guy to watch, and that intro was one of the highlights of Evo.

Floe’s Taki was my other favorite from a spectator’s point of view. The guy also deserves props for being the only one to adjust to Dan the Night…too bad he couldn’t figure out Yoshi. =/

And speaking of DTN, he is mad boring to watch but mad impressive if you understand the game. Basically, you need supernatural anticipation skills to whore out 3B like he does.

VF4 Evo:

Myke for showing that running a large website doesn’t mean you can’t be good at the game, too. =)

All the Japanese, esp. Ohsu and Chibita. Those matches were top-tier!

And of course, the announcer!



Just be careful. I know this is off-topic, but a lot of his stuff gets countered by jump up airthrow. Ask him about it from when we played at Potter’s. He’s really good though. I forgot to put him in my list, as well as fubarduck. :smiley: