Player to avoid!

Ev1L Pacman

i was beating him then all of the sudden the game became really slow at the end of round1 which cause me to lose. then in round 2 it sped up again untill i was nailling him
to come to the same result with unbareable lag.

do not play this guy he will lag switch you

he uses sagat. beware i lost battle points over this?

lag switches exist!??!?!?!

yes it does , he slowed the game down so badly i couldnt fight. then when he was winning it speed up. i filed a complaint with MS already and neg feedback

what the fuck is a lag switch? you know there is this thing called latency or ping… when its high is slow downs connection and well cable or dsl is shit to host, only if a t3 was cheap.

play blazblue

didnt know it exist

lol some one takes there online play a little to serious i used to play him and had no problem its just the connection buddy i doubt he is purposely slowing the game down

That is crazy sad bro.

i played him. beat him tho. he lag switches

it was me i lagged him i’m sorry

here you go this is a lag switch…


Players to Avoid: alexlexus

For filing a complaint on a player because the connection was going in and out.