Player1 / Player2 buttons on HRAP3 / TE stick?


Ok, I’ve searched for “player” and “button” in the topic area of this forum and didn’t get what I wanted. Searching for that in all of the posts would yield too many irrelevant posts.

I’ve seen some pictures of the Player1/Player2 buttons (the white button with the silhouette of a player), but is there some extra modification I’d need to replace my “Start” buttons for this? Or are there Sanwa/Seimitsu versions of this? (noticed they were only HAPP ones at lizardlick)


No such buttons are made in Japanese style in the 24mm size (or any size I know of for that matter). The only ones I know of are the Happ ones you’ve already seen. I don’t know how well one of those would fit in a TE case, but it would definitely require drilling or Dremel’ing.

Just buy some black paint and paintbrush the little guy on.

EDIT: D’oh. Good idea akuma001


try the seimitsu ps-14dn colored body with clear plunger. just printout the 1/2 player symbol to the size and stick it in the button.