Playerbase outside of the US?Europe?

So i just recently bought an Xbox 360 and wanted to buy UMvC3.The thing is,i live in europe (more specifically germany) and i don’t know if there is a healthy playerbase in europe that would make the game worth to pick up because if this game is mostly played in the US it would make no sense since i would get laggy matches all the time.

Anyone here that can tell me if there are enough european players?

From what I understand the scene is not nearly as large or deep as it is in the states, but you should still definitely be able to find people to play with.

That’s nice to hear.Yeah i know the game is way bigger in the US but if i just get people to play with from europe online that’s all i really want.I don’t need a HUGE playerbase.If it’s something along the lines of SSF4AE PC european playerbase i’m totally cool with it.

I have PS3 version of UMvC3 and I kinda gave up on the online. I find it incredibly difficult to find European players and the netcode is bad. I live in Estonia and I played players from Moscow and Helsinki. Both of them complained about the game being laggy.

A mate of mine called Captain Munta went around Europe and made a video series where he went around Europe and a few other countries seeking out the fighting game scenes.
You should check them out the series, I’m sure most of those scenes and their websites are still around