Players from Southern Oregon?

Just looking to play some people around here in either 3S or CvS2. I’ve been wanting to get good at both, but there really isn’t anyone around here interested in it that I know of. Get ahold of me.

PS: I play smash bros. very religiously, so if you’re willing to travel to Grants Pass from wherever, I could teach some stuff on SSB:M while you teach me stuff on the other two xD.

I’m moving to the Salem in about 3 weeks. Perhaps we can arrange something…

Hope you find more people down in Southern Oregon. Nice area though :slight_smile: But yeah, a bit too far of a drive for me :frowning:

Bahn Yuki, sounds like you’re a Sega fan! We have a Virtua Fighter 5 group up in the Portland area (45 minutes north of Salem) and I have a couple friends who like VF and Tekken down in Corvallis (45 minutes south of Salem). Wish you well on the move and hope we get to meet sometime.

I do work in the Salem area for now, but I’ll be changing jobs in a couple of weeks (so I’ll be working in Portland then). But I will visit Salem every now and then.

Portland has scenes for T5DR, Third Strike, MvC2, ST, VF5, Guilty Gear Accent Core, and CvS2. And I’ll play any VF or Fighting Vipers game too. I haven’t played FV2 in ages though, but I really liked it.


looks at Yuki’s avatar. Move to Seattle:bgrin: :tup:

Been a long time since I’ve played VF competatively, but since I’m going to be new to the region I could very well see myself taking trips to Portland to play some VF5(especially with the 360 one coming so near).

I see someone mentioned Fighting Vipers, is there an FV II cab anywhere around? I still have FV II for Dreamcast, but I’ve never seen an actual Model 3 cab running the game. Anyway hope to see you guys soon(I should be in Salem officially the 2nd week of July).

I’m here guys, but sadly I don’t have any of my gear :frowning: Oh well I’m still willing to hang out if any are interested.

It’s a trap!

Trap? um…no.

Anyway I should have all my gear in about a week or so. Oregon is pretty cool so far…I went to Newport, Lincoln City and Corvallis today.

I’m moving to Eugene next month. Are there any players around that area? I mainly play 3S, CvS2, ST but I can play a little A3, MvC2 and GG. I wouldn’t mind getting into T5 or VF if there are people close by to play.