Players in Dallas?

Hey guys. I’m from the DFW area (somewhat) and I was wondering if there was anybody around here that plays SF4? I go to these Halo 3 tourneys (NTGA - google it) and they say they’re willing to try and branch out and have tourneys for other games. Their most recent halo tournament had a 1st place prize of 800$ for the first place team…that’s pretty good considering they’ve only had 4 events. I REALLY wanna get them to pickup SF4. I’m gonna post a link in their forums to this thread if it fills up with people from Dallas or just TX in general if this thread starts to fill up with players. Cuz’ I’m better at SF4 than I am at Halo.



I’m from Richardson and I’d really like to see some more Dallas tournaments, let me know if anything develops!

What he said. Closed.