Players in the PA area interested in having gatherings.

Hello I had an idea about trying to start having Monthly Sessions for people interested in playing ST in PA(specificly for people around Philadelphia). I figure this might be a great way to get people either (a) more interested in the game and possibly revive the community PA had and (b) also to enjoy and learn more about the game we love and just have a great time in general. If anybody would be interested, please i encourage anybody ideas and thoughts on how maybe we can possibly get this to happen. Now the downside would be we would be using DC ST for now(which is a great port but cps2 would be alot better), until I can get a ST/SX Board and a supergun or possibly cabs, which shouldnt take a while at all(superguns atleast). Anyways Thanks again.

Hey mars,

Is acquiring a supergun your main concern? (or ST board?)

what kind of supergun do you want?

  • cost?
  • video output?
  • psx input?

BTW mikeidge (is he close to your area?) has 3 cabs. Maybe you can talk to him (whether he can help you get one, sell one of his to you, or potentially help with the equipment for the ST gathering)

Hey Pap, thanks for posting.

well getting a Supergun isnt a problem as i know people who can make one, the issue right now is just getting an ST board. I would prefer a pheonixed board so that way i dont have to worry about the battery dying. Im not to big on using ebay to be honest, but if i cant get a pheonixed, then i would probably use SSF2X(Green Board). I have to CRT TV so im not to worried about the input lagging and stuff.

you should talk to stevetren regarding ST boards. He just recently bought two more and I don’t know how many ST boards he has acquired or sold during his life time :slight_smile:

if you have a friend who can help you build a supergun, then you should not be worried about changing the battery in the board since it can last at least 5 years and is super easy to do. just label your board with the date the battery is last changed and you won’t forget about it.

btw tech monkey mentioned that some people use a leaked phoenix rom set on the internet and use those to program their boards. sometime it can cause issues. maybe he can explain more.

in other words if you can get a phoenix board which is programmed by the finland guy razo, then you’re good.

Nice! I will ask tech about it tomorrow and look into what you suggested . Thanks again papasi for your help. I greatly appriciate it.

hey Mars. i suggest getting cabs. theres just nothing else quite like it if you ask me. if you do decide to go the cab route…candies are the best(i still prefer american w/Happ), but not as easy to find and definitly not the cheapest. i can help with the cabs and getting boards. im very interested in being involved with this and also have some cabs i can offer up.

my recommendation would be to get a cab and just buy a new monitor. old monitors that have problems are a nightmare. makvision monitors(which i just installed in one of my cabs) is very good and not very expensive($339+shipping). heres a breakdown…

cab with nonworking monitor = $100
new makvision monitor = $339
CPS2 w/ST or GMC = +/-$200
power supply = $20
2p Happ controls = $35
jamma harness(will most likely already be in cab) = $10.00

as you can see, the cab is nothing more than a monitor and the CPS2. everything else is cheap. you can find a cab with most of this stuff installed and ready to go for $350-$450. most cabs are not from a collector or someone who gives a shit, and are most likely going to have some kind of monitor issue(this has been my experience). its totally worth it to spend the $ and get a new monitor while you still can.

also, the battery is not as big a deal as you think. if the board works, then change the battery immediatly and your done. every board i have ever got had the original battery in it and they are all around 15 years or more old and still working. the new battery will last a long time. and if it dies, off to razoola with your board to have it phoenixed. i live 30min from philly and can help you with the battery. i prefer the board unphoenixed. to me, a phoenix is a bootleg that serves a GREAT purpose, but is still a bootleg.

id like to take this opportunity to show my 3 “not for sale” cabs…

i want to make this happen in the PA/NJ area. questions for people who are interested. is one cab enough? my understanding is that howards setup in CT is a head to head new astro city setup. i am thinking more along the lines of 2 cabs but not head to head so that people can play simultaneously. 4 people at once. and the bigger question, is where? would people have a problem with american happ parts(that work perfectly!), or does it have to be japanese parts? PM with thoughts/ideas please.

heres a pic of the cab i would like to use for this.

Once a month?