Players in the UK/Europe?

Anyone else here playing in the UK/Europe? I’m connecting from London. Would enjoy a good beatdown workout so I can improve

I’m in the netherlands. You can add me. i play akuma. I’m still learning so i can use the training.

You can find more people from the UK/Europe here.

I play in UK, sheffield to be exact. If you want some games on 360 then hit me up. gamertag in sig.

you can add me if you like, im in the uk and play akuma

pretty average though

3000 bps

Play from France, but buy a ps3 first. :wasted:

You could add me if you want…

Guess I should add “on PC”. Tried with the cube and xbox/pc can’t mix. doh.

Yeah that’s correct. I could see him, but when i wanted to add him for a match or vice verse, i got the massage to put in the CD of sf4. i clearly have a cd in my xbox, but not the PC version.
So i couldn’t play a match against him. If you want to play him you need the PC version of sf4.

I’m in Leeds, add IamAkuma SRK on PC and MrRottenTreats on PS3 :slight_smile:

I’m from Leeds too. ^-^ PSN = Jevet

._. I don’t have a Xbox yet.

I find that france seem to connect the best…
even though they’re further away… go figure

add SgtMoFo88 on the PC if you want a akuma mirror match im still learning though

I play akuma, from Nottingham tap me up on xbox live, i know a half decent Dudley and a solid ken nothing to elite thou 3000-5000bp