Players near Binghamtom, NY


Hey. Are there any players around Binghamton, NY? I’m trying to see if there is a local community.



Binghamton Players!

Seriously, there must be at least one other person in this area that plays these games with the goal of getting better in mind! I dont want to have to travel 2 hours either north or south every weekend just to get some good offline matches in. hit me up! i wanna fight dammit!


A lot of times you will have to travel a couple hours to find competitive games. When I lived near Middletown NY, I had to drive/train to NJ or NYC for games, there simply was no competitive scene. It isn’t just about individual players wanting to get better, you need a solid meeting place, and compatible personalities that aren’t going to want to kill each other lol. Sometimes in smaller cities like Binghamton, this will be tough to find.

I’m not sure what’s going on in Syracuse right now, Mahvel wise. Syracuse was poppin back when I was going to college in Central NY, but a lot of people kind of fell off the map. I think players like Polish Mafia and ZZY still play, I dunno where or with who though.

EDIT oh by the way if you guys do feel like driving for a tournament, Buffalo is having one this week on UB campus, UBcon is going on too if you’re into the animes and all that shit lol.


I’m in binghamton till the end of the summer, just upping the tally.


I’m moving to Binghamton in a few weeks. Just got a job upwards that way.

I play MvC2, Super Turbo, some SSF4 (but I really suck at it), and whatever else. I don’t like MvC3…
I also do 3S, CvS2, and some Guilty Gear.

Hit me up on PSN - m1x4h or email -

ALSO, I’ll be working in Cortland, so if you’re in Ithaca, Cortland, Whitney Point, Dryden, etc… I can play with you too.


:360: Good evening, ladies. Bringing you all best wishes from Rochester![mvc3]-cyberstorm-monthlies-rochester-new-york-next-event-april-30-a-271817/


OK, living up here now… I’d like to get some games in if anybody’s interested.

Give me a text - 570.242.2653


Bring the pain!


Anyone still live in the Binghamton area that wants some competition? I’m guessing most of you left because schools out but there has to be a few people that live here still.


I live in Utica area but I would be willing to go down for some casuals.


Also, I’m living in Binghamton.


Know anyone else that would like to do some casuals sometime?


besides us three IDK. I have an xbox and every fighting game besides SF


clawww from the Binghamton Uni group lives in Binghamton for the time being. He’s a BU student.
Once classes come in session, there’s a decent crowd that does casuals at BU.
Head over to the thread and chat it up. It’s mostly AE/UMvC3, and then I go and play old school shit with people.


I linked you to a thread.
Go there. Ask there. Not difficult.


might be moving to deposit soon. seems like theres no scene around there and compared to what im used to (nyc) thats gonna suck. but if we can get at least 4 or 5 people together at least once a week with the goal of progressing in mind maybe we could get something going.


There’s a scene at Binghamton University. What do you play?

Deposit is like half an hour outside of Bing.


^The Binghamton University Thread.^
I don’t know when they are planning to start up again or if they ARE starting up again, but that is the best place to look.


Hey I’m from Binghamton and regularly come home for holidays. Can’t believe I found this thread.


Oh, hey Justin.

Damus, Dustbowl next year? Next May, I’m moving to Cortland, so I’ll be able to get there more frequently.