Players Say Good Bye To Fed Ex Fight Nights

We will be posting a ton of videos and reactions from players during this great event. All good things come to and end but im sure they will be back with something bigger and better
Check out the videos





Nice while it lasted ;_:

Dammnnn A1, thanks for the footage. You and GYT handling the coverage and helping me run brackets was gdlk. We ran a 24-man tourney in something like 2 hours?! Glenn got most of the biggest matches, and I think you’re just trying to pull at all my heart strings with this! :crybaby:

You really helped me out with this event and I look forward to brainstorming on what the future holds in growing the community good man! Y’all keep an eye out…

Yeah, appreciate everything you guys came out and did. I want a re-do on the interview haha. Hopefully there’s going to be some great future collaborations with you guys.

A1, it’s not a goodbye.
It’s a “see you again soon”. :slight_smile:

Haha, I was put on the spot for this! I’m nowhere near as articulate as Warahk was, lol. Good times, good times.