Players that play Ryu like Ken

I’ve been watching footage of Ryu players that I’ve collected, and from some players I think who probably use both Ken and Ryu in casual play, tend to try and play in a very close aggressive, fast pace game, very similar to Ken’s game.

The problem with this is, I don’t think Ryu has the options Ken has in order to threaten the opponent enough to play that sort of game for more than a few seconds as a surprise tactic.

Thoughts? If any?

Oh its true, its damn true

Ryu just hasn’t got the tools Ken has and has ti player smarter and better

Ryu’s rushdown is underrated. People think he can’t and then you bury them! He doesn’t have any move super like Ken but he’s got plenty else.

Ryu’s Rushdown is far more risky than Ken’s since he doesn’t have any normals that move him forward, and so he’s not as much as a threat around sweep range and closer. Sure you can surprise someone with the occasional rushdown, but I think if you’re going to make that your cornerstone playstyle then you really should be playing Ken, he’s got moves that help that style of play.

Ken’s got s. RH, s.FK, f-FK, Hado, EX Hado Shippu and DP at sweep range alone(that all keep moving him forward), and closer he’s got 5 ways to confirm for super.

Ryu at the same range probably could only hit with Hado, Shakenetsu, cr. RK or f. FP.

Basically what I’m saying is that I don’t think Ryu was designed with Rushdown as his gameplan. If you are playing that way with Ryu most of the time, then you are just playing a neutered Ken.

Getting in is easier for Ken with the options you mentioned, but up close Ryu is almost as deadly (IMO). Ryu’s unique options include his close s.MK is safe on block, chains into specials/links into SA (if ducking); EX hurricane does good damage & chip and is almost totally safe on block. His overhead is faster. His EX Hado is fast as fuck + safe on block and gives you a knockdown for mixup time. And Ryu has the same great UOH and short,short,SA games as Ken.

And oh yeah, his kara owns, something Ken doesn’t have at all.

And if they get taken for a ride on his EX side, you have a good chance to reset them (in the air or ground) and super.

And it’s a small thing, but a lot of people don’t expect Ryu to be played really in-your-face for whatever reason, so that’s a huge advantage right there.

Ryu has a lot of moves to help him be aggressive. Neutered Ken… bah! I play with Ken too, but I just don’t get comfortable playing him as I do rushdown Ryu.

Ryu doesn’t have chains into specials save for c. short, c. short x jab Shoryuken and i guess you mentioned it, but it only works on a crouching character.

apart from c. short, c. short or c. short, c. jab, c. short or c. short, c. jab or c. jab, c. short or c. jab, c. short, c. short (not really useful, but i’ve done it just for kicks :lol:), Ryu’s only other chain is far c. fierce, s. roundhouse.

i do agree very much on Ryu having pretty much the same options on rushing down once up close. only difference is that Ken has s. strong, s. fierce x jab Shoryuken/super. but the wake up/throw games and footsies are very, very, very similar if not the same.


I was referring to close and how it chains into EX side kick, hado, etc., as well as its relative safety, saying that this kick is something pretty nice that Ken doesn’t have. I didn’t mean like moves in general chaining into specials, because Ryu is definitely shorter on them.

ryu vs ken thread heh… I play both characters and let me tell u my opinion… speaking from a ryu vs ken match up… I use ryu if my opponent uses ken for personal reasons… kens s.rh isn’t all that if he whiffs it ryu can>hurricane for free and that takes off a good chunk of life plus a knockdown equals rushdown time. Kens only advantage is that he can link his super off some of his normals, thats why u block vs ken… ryu’s red fireball owns ken’s ground game it stops ken from dashing, hits him if he whiffs a move and if he trys jumping, even if he tries to parry and fucks up… another time to rush ken down…(ken can jump over the redfireball ONLY if he anticipates and jumps early, remember that!!) They both have ex uppercut which can pose a threat on wakeup games… they both have the same ol crouching moves… yes ken has an auto combo but so what just block it… ken can link super from which can change the momentm of a match but it can be blocked if u look out for it… ryu’s overhead is faster, can’t link to super unless its done early but then u can see it coming,it doest push u that far so u can do another cuz it comes out so fast and it puts pressure on em. ken’s air hurricane kick is too good, takes off alot of damage and can dp juggle twice if ur execution is good. making it the best air2air move imo… ryu’s air hurricane kick is good for a grounded opponent as u can time it so it will cross em up AKA super turbo style, mix this up with regular jump in and this will have ur opponent scared as a motherfucker :badboy: … ryu’s redfireball gives a ryu a free dashin rushdown opportunity and ken has to try to rush in without a knockdown guarantee unless he lands one of his slow ex fireballs(really slow!!!) both can use the c.rh as a knockdown to get in also…

the main important rushdown tool… THE THROW GAME ryu is so much better at this cuz of his KARA… ryu can force more mistakes than ken can when their in your face… u will see more opponents vs ryu whiff a throw leaving openings… and u will see more opponents get thrown by ryu more than ken…

finally the winner is… KEN overall… it takes less effort to win with ken than it does ryu… there are more ken players than ryu… BUT if the ryu player is smarter and knows how to utilize the kara throw into forcing mistakes instead of just trying to throw them to do damage… then the ryu player will win because the ryu player will know ALL of ryu’s tactics and how to play him… ryu has big damaging combos but won’t land em as much as ken would…

cuz the shippu itself takes off a good amount of damage for the size of the bar and the first move is the s.rh giving it the crazy reach it has giving ken the edge…

So if the Ryu player is better he will win? :lol:

denjin ryu owns ken. Peace.

Ken and Ryu are almost completely different fighters. You can’t play them with the same strategy inversely. Anyone who does hasn’t played enough 3S.

*Props to Ryu players, especially those who stick with Denjin.

Don’t forget that Ryu has standing close mk linked into kara-dragon against crouching characters.

Ryu is top tier! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ryu has fewer options and openings to punish mistakes than Ken does but the ones he does have are just as or more damanging than Ken’s.

thats nice to know…

good vs an opponent who tries to down parry on wake up…

does it have to be ex or regular…

can akuma do this??? :wow:

im personally like ryu better then ken. I dont kno anything about this kara buisness with ryu at all =(

but Ryu’s juggle ability is good with Sa1 both jump parry jhp land shinku.

ppl notice that Ryu’s SRK does one hit. and so if they look for a jump in parry Ryu can just do s.lp SRK fierce punch. its to fast to counter and if u dont expect it it deals good dmg.

his tatsumaki is more random and harder to parry which is a bitch compared to kens.

if ur on SA3 and score a wakeup SRK and cancel it into dejin, ur opponent has no choice but to parry and thats when u come in and add a combo.

whats this kara deal?

Akuma could do it, but his kara is f+strong and he has a move with dp+k, so no Eddie. If you’ve seen the KYSG 3S Vol. 5 video, 538 does it to Hugo. Close st.forward -> kara fierce SRK (using f+strong) XX SA2.

And Ryu can do any uppercut if I remember my tests right. It’s HAAAAARD though. I’m sure Jaime could do it with no problem, he’s way better than me at kara-SRK with Ken.

Blazn: Really simple. If you hit point blank with st.forward, and the opponent is crouching, you can do kara-SRK (same way as Ken’s, f, d, df+mk~any punch/all punches). Doing the kara off low forward moves you forward just barely enough to connect, the hit stun gives you enough leeway to not have to dragon immediately to combo. But as I just said, hard to do. But I’m not crazy like some people when it comes to learning shit that’s difficult to do consistently.

I wish I had a visual… I understand what u mean… but I dont think Id be able to pull it off without seeing it =/

cant everyone kara grab?

Blazn, if you want to get the idea of kara srk, I suggest you start out with ken, since his kara dp is normally only done after a normal jab dp. This gives a bit more rest in entering the combination.

I think everybody has to be played rushdown at one point or another in the fight with any character. The key is to find when. With Ryu…chase the dizzy bar, and the ko will come.
Must I do everthing for everyone? Hit them with hard attacks and shit that puts stunn up like his back toss. Two overheads in a row forward and strong not the leap attack. If they are stunned the combow will come. Resets into high low games.

Think about it thank me later



Chase the dizzy bar!! All bsing aside that part of the above statement is to be adapted in to a sa3 players game.