Players with good computers / connections

get on mame! the peer to peer client is amazing, and offers barely any lag, and essentially lagless against players in your coast (granted you guys have good/unclogged connections) – just go out and buy a pelican PS2 -> PS3 converter (available at gamestops/ebs; it’s red/black) and then come into the computer and handheld matchmaking forums!

it’s really that good.

mods: i know this probably isn’t technically the best place to post this, but i believe this is the place to grab the most attention. a lot of players are skeptical or just aren’t aware of mame/kaillera’s current progress, so a testimonial is definitely needed. please don’t move <3

get mame 0.119 here -
get kaillera p2p client here -

extract the mame archive to c:\mame\ or something…when you run the executable, it’ll first-run and create all the directories it uses. since it’s illegal to post roms, i can’t tell you where to get the 3S roms, but once you have them, put them in your c:\mame\roms\ folder – put the kaillera .dll in both your c:\mame\ and c:\mame\kaillera folder.

then refer to for further instructions…

yeah the radio shack ones are good too, been using mine for 3 years on kaillera (not 3s, for the older games too like ST and mvc1).

get anything that says ps2->USB.

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i cant beat eXo now cause there’s no lag to hide behind anymore.

so its good and bad :arazz:

Which version of Mame do u guys use and how do u guys get the p2p connections?

Hey there, check out this thread! It’s pretty good!

i’m encouraging players to get mame 0.119 and the latest version of the p2p client, which is v0r6.

i was hoping ppl would wait until elsemi supports kaillera w/ his cps3 emu, before ppl started hardcore promotion of p2p b/c there is no perfect version of mame32 plus plus in fact i think they all bl0w

^ i agree.

the emulation might require a lot of power, but i’ve yet to see any type of desync since i’ve switched to 0.119…and i’ve played some really LONG sessions.

His emu’ had a lot of input lag when I used it. More so than MAME.



As what exodus said, it’s quite smooth with in your local areas! :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in mame but I can’t get it to work online. I’m very new and unfamiliar with all this stuff,so if someone would be kind enough to help me out? PM me if u could take a little time out of your day to help a noob out.

I haven’t been on the Mame scene since Tekken DRO came out. I’ll will be on tonight to learn and to school people. Username = Ibuki(SRK) Godweapon is still the place to go right?

i haven’t noticed that in any of his builds. if anything, mame seems to have built-in input lag. the gameplay feels tighter and more strained, which i would assume is the result of input lag. elsemi’s feels more like the arcade to me.

i was wondering i just have a basic HP cpu bought for only like $400 , would that be good enough to use ?

or by good cpu do you mean like a $1000+ cpu ?