will someone describe what playfire dot com is for me?
takinflight and a couple of other guys made a profile for me but i don’t know what to do with it and i’d rather read everyone’s synopsis than a website’s sales pitch.

Dude its a webscam, opnce someones details are in it it contacts their friends to get them in, all they want is your xbl data to abuse it.

I got one a while ago too but I figured it was some bullshit

that’s fucked up!

Takin do you know your gt has been sending these requests?

someone did the same for/to me. I realized it was some bs, but I didnt make a profile for anyone. It auto-filled names or GT’s and sent invites without my knowledge. I checked in a week ago or so, didnt seem to have much happening.
I confirmed my profile about a month I suspect thats when the spam invites all went out. IF its been inviting folks recently , then it is BS and I apologize. Im gonna close mine aSAP!

shit, I just said ok to it since I knew who it was from. Crappy crap