Playing a Game Even Though You Hate It

This has probably been discussed before, but I’d still like to ask this question.

Why is it that people will continue to play a game even they hate on it every possible moment they can? For example, while I enjoy SF4, I see people bitching about the game and I can’t help get the impression that they’re being, for a lack of better words, masochistic with the games they play.

I mean, why do that to yourself? I don’t touch MvC3 anymore because I don’t like it. I understand that trying to get one of the older games popular in your scene is no easy task, but if that doesn’t work, why not just find another game to play, or, le gasp, find a new hobby?

While I can’t speak for everyone,people tend to play where the most competition is at. Some people played sf4 when it was released even though they didn’t like it because there was more people playing that game,not to mention that it was fresh and had room for discovery. Now that more games are out now like MvC3/MK9 and older games have been/are being re-released like MvC2 and 3SO,some people are going back to those because there is now new interest in them among players. There is now more than one fresh game for competition to spread out to.

Some people,even though they hate a game,they want to try to like it,so they keep playing and see if it works out for them.

This doesn’t speak for everybody. It’s just a few reasons why some people do that.

There’s people to play with. For better or worse fighting games require two people to play with so its kinda better to have people to play than not play at all.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just hate SF4 and can only enjoy it when I don’t take it seriously. If I had a group of people to play more or less anything else, I’d be doing that. Thankfully MvC3 is kinda fun.

i gave Cross Edge one more chance, but still cant get past 1 hr of gameplay.

Well, for a while there when SF4 was pretty much the only new fighting game with viable online. I played it even though I didn’t really like it. Thankfully, a bunch of new games with decent online that were more fun were released and I could move on. I still bought Super though, then remembered why I didn’t like the game and stopped playing it very soon after launch. Have no plans on getting AE, I’ve learned my lesson.

It’s my reason for sticking with SF4 throughout the past couple of years. I can’t stand this game, but I’d be lucky if I could get some decent comp in any other game that’s not T6, BB, MVC3, or MK. I also played SF4 cause it was the first SF game I wasn’t competitively behind in. I could be on the same page and not be trying to catch up with a competitive scene I didn’t know about until 2005. That’s why it took me 4 years to make an account; I could actually contribute something about a relevant game that others didn’t already know years back. No more would I be trying to get good at a game I couldn’t find (MVC2), trying to play competitive Neogeo/CPS2 games with half-second input delay(kaillera), or trying to master a technical game with a crappy PS2 pad (3S).

I just didn’t expect SF4 to be so scrub friendly, nor did I want it to be.

I know that feeling. I’ve been trying to learn 3S for 2 years now and the learning experience just isn’t as fun as trying to learn a newer,fresher game. I really dig 3S,but there’s always that feeling of walking on already explored territory while you’re learning it. I’m not gonna lie,SF4 was my first serious fighter and I really liked it,I still do. I learned a lot in that game. It also got me learning ST and 3S as well as CvS2 and some marvel. I do see why people hate SF4 compared to other fighters,but I guess I still like it because I had such a great learning experience with it. Every new game,even if you hate it,is just unexplored territory.

Actually, this discussion was brought up a while back when it came with Street Fighter 4.
I remember reading somewhere that a certain player (don’t want be throwing names) was explaining how he really isn’t enjoying SF4, rather it keeps him with income for the moment. Not to mention, other players only jump on the newest fighting games because they feel like they can become e-celebrities through it.

Out of all the new fighting games, I’m not really too fond of them.
I never liked SF4, and even today I find SF4 to be really bad, however it did help the scene a lot, that’s for sure.

Send me the name in private. And it’s more than just one.

sometimes I play shitty fighter 4 even though its slow/gay/boring…mainly because thats all I have…

I dont hate marvel3…its somewhat fun. but netcode is horrid. only good for offline play.

daigo has said he didn’t really like sf4 either multiple times and its that not great of a game.

if you add up all the tournies winnings daigo has won since sf4 has been out, he might be over 25-30 grand which is quite substantial for playing a game he really doesn’t like. If I were in Daigo’s position, I would definitely be playing shitty games that pay out.

People on GGPO didn’t like playing me in 3S (I’m that bad), so I ended up getting fewer and fewer matches in, until eventually getting a session longer than a few games became a rare occurrence.

So I’m back to playing Mash Fighter. I don’t hate it per say, but I find it to be somewhat retarded. I already told you why on G4 though.

Before SF4 was released, I caught a Capcom interview from Daigo. The interviewer asked him what is the best thing he liked about SF4, and his answer was: “There’s a lot of new competition.”

Before I even touched the game, that struck me as basically a polite way of saying, “I don’t like this shitty game, but since I’m the best anyway, I might as well support it so that I can get more people to make money off of.” Years later, it turned out that I was pretty much right.

You cannot get more blatant than “This game is not worth my Ryu”

The thing is that for some reason people don’t seem to care what the best player of their game thinks about it.

That’s probably because they’re not dick riders like you. They’re intelligent enough to form their own opinions.

Initially, I hated MK9 and vanilla SFIV. I prefer games that are more rapid and combo-heavy, such as MvC3 or just about anything made by Arc System Works (Blazblue & Guilty Gear mostly). Every single time I picked either up I just hated the experience, mostly because I have arrogant friends that claim to be “Champs” from knowing how to teleport spam with Smoke or Scorpion, or Turtle with Guile. Eventually, I actually got sick of it and decided to practice them even though I hated it. Eventually they grew on me, and now I have a great time playing MK9 (also helps that my friends now despise my Ermac) and I wouldn’t have upgraded to AE if I didn’t like SFIV. Sometimes you just gotta give these games a second chance. But sometimes even that’s not enough and you drop it for good (Sorry Tekken 6, I tried).

I still ask myself why the hell do I still play MK9.

I had already played, hated it, already knew the netcode was ass and yet I still bought it and I still play it because… well… I don’t fucking know.

Sadomasochism. I’d suggest visiting a psychiatrist before things get out of hand.

Want to play online? Scratch Tekken 6 off your list.

Virtua Fighter fan? Go to Nicovideo and watch some Japanese guys play a game that you’ll never touch.

SF2 fan? Have fun playing with the 15 people who still play HDR and the 12 people who still play ST. Those guys really hate each other, by the way. Maybe you can play CE with some guy from Russia or Brazil.

SF3 fan? Asshole.

Don’t like BlazBlue, SF4, MK9 or MvC3? Either play the one you hate the least or go back to Call of Duty because you ain’t getting anything else for a long time.

2011 isn’t 1993. A fighting game fan can’t afford to be finicky anymore. It’s perfectly acceptable to play a game you don’t respect as long as you have people to play with.

You talk as if the SRK forums= real life.
Each and every player is in a different situation with different amounts of competition for each game.
I actually have enough competition in Guilty Gear but no MK9 players around here at all.