Playing AEPC on a CRT Monitor

All I have to say is…fucking godlike…and the input delay is I shit you not complete gone or at a point where it is not noticeable…

I went treasure hunting in my storage and pulled out my CRT Monitor that supports 1600 x 1200.

And I couldn’t be more happy…this will give me more time to save up money for the Evo ASUS monitor…but honestly I don’t even think I’ll need it…(for the time being)

Just a tip I thought might be helpful for the people who own a CRT…I bet a old TV would work also…the image quality on my CRT is on par or if not better than my LCD monitor honestly…and my CRT monitor is larger

I wish manufacturers didn’t push so hard for the death of CRT monitors. When it comes to gaming they’re still better than TFT panels.

I can’t argue that!

My back-up screen is a 1800x1440 res CRT and it is indeed quite awesome.

Which monitor does Evo use? I currently have an Asus 27" 2ms (grey2grey) LED monitor that I use for both my PC games and my Xbox (I’m setup to quickly switch the Xbox between one room with my PC/monitor and another with my big screen, but slower, TV).

And there would be 0 input lag from the CRT monitor as it’s hooked up via analog and the signal is instant. Higher end gaming LCD’s are pretty good these days though so it’s hard to argue about the advantage a CRT gives a player anymore.

Evo Monitor = Asus VH236H

Ahh, nice. Yeah I have that monitor as my second monitor and a 27" Asus LED as my main so I guess I’m setup pretty well.

This! This is one of the many reason why I prefer to play the game on PC than PS3. I feel lost with timing when i come on the PS3. As I use a CRT on my pc, I’m considering buying the Mayflash vga cable to plug the ps3 on the CRT. Do you guys know anything about this cable ? I heard mixed reviews about it

CRTs would be worth it if it was HD and not the size of a small Volkswagen.

When I use my CRT I play at 1680x1050 res :wink:

I LOVE having a 1800x1440 res CRT as my back-up screen. I found it on ebay (delivered to my door) for $20 2 years ago.

I am on the look out for a better one that will allow for 1920x1080 res though.