Playing against a top player

So I will be going to EVO, and if Sako is there, I want to do a FT10 with him. The question is do I have to do a money match to play against top players? I never do money matches before and kind of don’t like it when money is involved. I just want the experience and learn things to get better.

I think that top players would put monies on the line for FT10 because FT10 can take a long time…so maybe have some monies to put up.

Otherwise…you can simply ask if he/she has the time to play a few matches.

Is there an acceptable amount of money?

I wouldn’t know TBH…I never did money matches.
I’m guessing since it’s Vegas…at least $100.

It depends on the player. If they have time, they usually don’t mind playing you as long as you ask nicely. Of course, having a money match is always a good incentive for a top player to play people they’ve never met before.

As to amount, it also depends on the player. To make it worth anybody’s time, it has to be at LEAST $20. Since a FT10 is a pretty long set, you’ll probably have to set it somewhere between $50-$100 or more.

Keep in mind that Sako doesn’t know a drop of English. So if the interpreter isn’t around, you might have trouble communicating with him.

You’ll get to play against top players plenty in Vegas without putting money on the line, and sometimes you’ll get more matches than what a FT10 would get you.

Last year I played with some top level KOFXIII players and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to count how many sets were ran. Just find a good player and ask if you can get next game.

are they on psn? maybe just friend them and sneak a few rounds in.

so this will be my first evo, maybe i will bring my fightstick and just ask the champ to bless it by testing it out

I guess I’ll save up just in case. How hard is it to find a certain player at EVO? I’m thinking I might not have the chance to meet Sako due to the huge crowd.

Not difficult at all. If I can find him on accident several times throughout the weekend, you can find him if you’re looking for him.

I was going to say the exact opposite of eltrouble but for the same reason. Meeting probably wouldn’t be a problem but playing might if it’s not in the main room. I ended up in two great rooms last year completely by accident, theres just a lot of people moving around and sometimes you catch people in transit from point A to point B, if you don’t already know them, but sometimes people are already at point B and finding point B can be tough.

will you meet people? sure you can!

You are more than likely to fight top players without actually putting any money on the line. I’ll tell you this much, you’ll get a really refreshing experience. Just ask them if they have a little time on their hands so that they can play a couple sets.

Man if you gotta “save up” $50 in order to fight a top player you might be better off just trying to fight people who are there and are willing to throw down sets.

He’s a top player but he’s also human, if a complete stranger walks up with money and says “HEY LETS FIGHT” I don’t think I’d be very inclined to do so… I’ve got places to go, people to talk to, a whole tournament to see. I’m pretty sure the top players at EVO aren’t there to be sparring partners.

keep in mind theres a hundred other dudes who want to do the same, but you never know! several times random people i was staying with were able to get top japanese players to swing by our room for a couple games. kind of felt bad a couple times cause japanese people have a hard time saying no :frowning:

also FT10 is kind of a lot imo

I guess I didn’t think it through. Maybe ft3 or 5 is more appropriate. I just don’t want to have money involved, that’s all.