Playing against CPU


I’ve just started playing SF4 for a few weeks and i really want to improve my gameplay. but here’s the problem, i can’t really play online because my internet speed is awful and the nearest arcade is quite far. So how far can i go playing with CPUs? i read somewhere that i would pickup bad habits doing this in a long run, can someone explain me this?


not far, especially at tourney level. Human reaction is far superior than CPU programmed scenarios which will react little or no differently when tested upon. Player to player matches means adjusting your timing, skill, and precision because each player plays differently. But, with the CPU, there is little or no change at all in movements and tactics. The human player can make bad habits by exploiting the same moves that would otherwise always work on the CPU, but fail against another player.


Just to put in perspective;

You could play against the computer, on hardest difficulty, for a whole year. You could train and train, execute technical combos and never lose to the CPU.

Then you would go online and get your ass handed to you by the first Ken player mashing DP and throwing full screen Tatsus.

Basically, the CPU cannot substitute a person, because the computer cannot make decisions like a person does. The only way to improve is to just get online (or offline if you can get someone round to your house) and play and play. Even if your connection’s shoddy, try to find at least someone who you can play with without suffering the lag too bad.


Only good for working on your execution imo, has it uses but you won’t learn much. Plus, the comp reads your inputs


see if theres a local scene, or upgrade your internet


I’d say an internet upgrade. There are loads of signal boosters around to boost the signal around certain rooms or maybe you’re with a shitty ISP? IMO if you game a lot a good internet is neccessary.


Wow, thanks for all the reply. Maybe i should check out the local scene and get some help.

One more question, i’m new to this game but i really like gouken, but some says that he’s an advance character. Should i go straight for Gouken, or stick to Ryu for now?


I’d stick with Ryu. Gouken has pretty shitty footsies and you’ll have a hard time learning them if you use him whereas Ryu will teach you way more of the basics of fighting games. You can always switch to someone you like more later. The skills really will transfer.


playing the computer is ok. Invite some friends to come over & play(or meet/make some friends).


Truth. CPU is usually always going to play the same and you’ll get in the habit of exploiting it’s patterns with patterns of your own. I learned that the hard way back in the day with 3S :frowning:


Aside from the obvious shit like execution, you could at least try punishing things the cpu does on reaction. Any sort of whiffed move comes to mind. At the very least, it’ll help you punish random things you might encounter against human players. Unfortunately vs the cpu, you miss out on the mind games aspect.


its tough to get good just playing comps. especially the sf4 ones that do the same things over and over again. HOWEVER, i think it’s a great idea to just try and block the entire round against the comp to practice your defense game (i.e throw teching).