Playing against hit and run type players?

Ughh, aside from getting hit from random DPs online, I’ve been hitting a losing streak recently and it’s just the fact that everyone I’ve been playing against just hit and runs to the point where there’s no aggression in the game and it just turns so slow that I just want to drop my stick seeing the fact that the opponent won’t do anything.

This really only happens in ranked battles so I’m assuming people don’t want to lose points to the point where they’ll do anything to win or they’re afraid that my Ibuki has 4500bp(which I don’t care about because I’ve lost 1000+ PP to all these unjustifiable loses).

I guess I’m just venting here over my faults but it was way easier playing through the “more skilled players” option before I got to rank B.

Welcome to run away fighter 4 man, its a painful experience.

Most people who play run away (in SSF4) are pretty predictable. The important thing here is you need to really pay attention to their play style, see where you are giving them an out, close that hole, and punish.

True, in hindsight, there is a simple solution but I’m thinking it’s my frustration of a slow paced game that’s making me not see why or when they’re getting away. I’ve gotten over the fact that the net code isn’t perfect so my blockstrings will always be beaten out by a dp but atleast the game hasn’t stopped unless the opponent starts withdrawing.

Grapplers are understandable but anyone else in my opinion should have some sort of drive for a fun fight. Possibly why I don’t back screen kunai with Ibuki, can’t achieve much with the distance it travels and it just bores me doing just about nothing.

What do you mean they’ll do anything to win? I mean that should be everyone’s motto. If it works, why should they stop doing it? If you counter it and they keep doing it, then youve got a free win.

Well yeah, that’s a given but I guess that just means that I should stay in the Endless Battles then because I’ve been playing some real distant players in Ranked Battles recently. Thinking that I need a break, my frustration is just building up lol.

Well, that’s the thing I guess; fun is subjective. The only rule that is universal is the player who runs out of life first loses. You can’t expect people to play to your game. You have to learn to adjust yours on the fly.

The thing you need to realize, a runaway game only works if you let it work. Whether you can see it or not, you are giving them a way to get out. On top of that, one of the things that a runaway game really capitalizes on is frustrating the other player. If you are raging, you are playing into their game.

Also, you should seriously reconsider your mindset on “unjustified” losses. You should look at every loss as a failure on your part to deal with what your opponent was doing, not a failure of your opponent’s playstyle.

sounds to me like you’re talking about skilled turtlers. got that from you saying “hit and run”. the kind of players that can deal damage to you anytime they want to and then they just run away when they have the lead and stop all your offensive attempts, right?

gotta learn how to break their defense AND their offense. just observe what these people when you try to attack or defend yourself.

You have to show them that you’re willing to play as lame as they are. These kinds of matches depend a lot on who has the life lead. If they have more health than you, you’re forced to chase them, to close the life lead. However, if you land a little mixup or something at the start of the round, and you have the life lead, jump back and zone with Kunais. This forces them to come and attack you…or run away and lose by timeout.

With Ibuki, this should be your strategy, anyway. Just zone until you see a chance for a mixup or to punish with neckbreaker, then vortex and rush them down.

Syn, i’m suffering from the same thing too…ryu’s who will hit you then tatsu to the other side lol.

but, i’m going to start turtling like crazy…I feel i’m to aggressive and impatient. good read you guys…

I’ve been playing a lot of hit and run Ryus and I don’t even think Ryu is meant to be played like that, you have to be very patient when you play against those people and don’t get irritated.

That’s one of the things that makes Ryu well-rounded, he can be played in **multiple **ways if you choose.

With my Vega I used to do wall jump moves, preferably high ones, that lured noob Ryus/kens/akuma etc. to go shoryuken.
A simple example for defense happy (noob)players, but my point is that they usually have a routine to avoid you when you get close.
By the way, once you can use that routine to turn tides they usually get frustrated which can lead to funny situations.

I often get frustrated about the same thing too, but I guess patience is the key. The clock can drive you crazy though, which can make you do rash things.
Rushing them down is not an option so you’ll have to find a more subtle one. Learn to play ‘their’ game when they try to get close.
I’d say read Maj’s Footsies Handbook, it helped me a lot.
Link: sonic hurricane dot com ? Footsies Handbook