Playing against the computer, is it worth it?

Yeah that’d be the most beneficial thing to do against the computer. Hot chix though. Not just any ordinary ones.

Like other have said. Helps practice your execution outside of training mode a bit. Helps teach you some randomness. You might pick up some combos/setups you wern’t aware of by watching the CPU react. Just don’t use it as a crutch, or a replacement to human opponents by anymeans. And try not to spend much time in on it. I’d say that 80% Human players, and 20% CPU time that Atryu came up with sounds pretty ideal, to me anyway.

Eh Maybe.

No reason to play against it other than to practice combo’s and goof off at how retarded it can be.

The computer on Marvel vs Capcom 2 is the worst of all though.It feels no fucking different at the highest level than it does facing the default Level 3(IIRC)computer.

It won’t make you a better player, but venting your anger on the CPU is fine. The computer won’t kick your ass in RL for taunting a lot.

Also, if you want a great exercise in frustration, play SSF2T with the difficulty maxed. It won’t teach you much in the way of strategy, but it will teach you to cope with the utterly maddening situation of having your moves stuffed before they have a chance to come out, and opponents who miraculously forget that they have to charge their moves.

Strategy isn’t the only aspect to how good a player you are. Playing against the comp certainly won’t improve your strategy, but it will improve execution, and its great practice for hit confirms. Just don’t expect any of your crazy mixups to work.

The biggest thing that kills usefulness for playing against CPU is definitely the fact that it destroy’s any chance of practicing mixups. High Low mixups just don’t exist to the computer; and grabs are teched in most games that allow it.

Even worse is that CPUs tend to die to random supers. CPUs also don’t punish.

What about the ST CPU?

Let’s say that you have no high-level competition in your area for ST… does the ST CPU compensate for it?

I know that it cheats:[list]It does more damage than you.
[]It’s has faster reflexes.
]It does really cheap shit (ie - Blanka Bite or Boxer Headbutt for half life)[/list](correct me if I’m wrong)

but despite that, can it be used to simulate high-level play?

I like playing against the CPU in ST because it actually does shit and fights back.

It worth for practice your combos of course.

The only game that i know that the CPU made some pro player-like combos is in Fatal Fake… damn i hate that CPU so MUCH.

I’d say that Akatasuki Blitzkampf’s AI’s pretty beastly on Vanhall and Heilheim. I learned how to parry solely from trying to survive when I first played, and it did alter it’s combos depending on the situation like a player would.

Also, did anyone else ever have their game’s AI actually pick up combos and strategies they’d use? I’ve seen it on three games that we put an ungodly amount of time playing into: MVC2 AI, Melty Blood react AI after our tournment with it, and Guilty Gear X2. They wouldn’t always execute it at the best times, but they would preform stuff like Roman Cancel combos or fight in a way it previously wouldn’t.

Fighting the CPU messes you up. For instance take Akuma in 3rd Strike. Akuma is all about the rushdown. Now I have 3rd strike and I play Akuma. Can i play offense with Akuma? Hell no! Why? Becase the CPU hinders the skill development of the player. Some might say the CPU is smart. I disagree. Here’s proof:

  1. In KOF XI pick a character with a dp like Kyo or K’. Now poke with things like 2A and 2B,5A,5B and so forth. When the attack gets blocked and the CPU makes their move do a dp. This works TOO damn well. I beat the CPU doing just that. No combos, no DMs, no quickshift.
  2. SF 3 3rd Strike. Again pick someone with a dp like Akuma. Now poke and when the CPU makes their move dp again or Messatsu Gou shoryu. This works even on max. ANother is Akuma’s Zanku hadouken. Vs Ryu. Now is the CPU was worth fighting why do they keep falling for zanku hadouken? they never air parry it. Do it and watch Ryu jump up at you with a shoryu KNOWING THAT HE HAS ALREADY READ THE INPUT FOR Zanku hadouken. He eats a zanku.
  3. GGXX accent core. Now Sol’s gun flame feint has a hitbox. Great. Now dash into the corner deep like a full screen between you and the CPU and do GFF. NOw watch in amazement as the CPU crouches and blocks… an attack that cannot hit them…
    Fighting the CPU will make you better…by 15% at the most. Mixups do not work. Pokes, setups the whole 9 do not work. Sweeps fail alot. This of course has an impact on the players mind. The player begins to believe that these vs tips (which of course they got from players way above their level of skill) are worthless. You can’t poke with this or counter with that. The CPU isn’t a good opponent to fight.
    You know what? Play Accent core. Fight anyone that’s a pain in the ass for you like Sol vs faust. Play for about an hour or two. tell me if you make any progress.

Edit: The above DOES NOT apply to VF. Their CPU does make you better.

The CPU doesn’t adapt or learn from mistakes(yours or its own).

I love playing SSF2T, but I avoid it simply because of the computer. So in short I don’t play it much. :sad:

Saying fighting against the cpu is gonna make you worse is extremely short sighted. A good player will know that the computer isn’t gonna help you much in terms of mixups, but will do wonders for execution and punishment.

I couldn’t punish the simplest of things in 3s until I started practicing against the computer and working on my execution and being able to pull it off in a match.

QFT :rofl: Don’t forget the 50% health Machine Gun Uppercut.

the only CPU I can get anything out of is the SC2 and SC3 cpu on max. and thats just learning to parry and repel the right attacks. god knows you can mix up or even be aggressive against the cpu on those games cause you get owned. it has helped with my timing in 3rd strike, practicing parrys is usefull cause i know the the chun cpu on max will do 3 low attacks then fireball then jump stomp.

If you are a total noob, then the CPU is great. It helps you understand the basics and gets you comforatable with your character/team. Once you get really good, the CPU is good for practcing certain set ups, as mentioned, it is a glorified punching bag.

QFT. I don’t understand why you would try to practice mixups in the first place. It seems logical these things wouldn’t work. It’s the same principle as trying to use high level mindgames on a masher. There is no reason for this crap to work, but doing it anyway is just telling of how bad a player you are.

Despite the fact that I can’t fight it for shit, even the ST CPU moves in patterns that can be exploited after a while… I’ve seen it happen.

improve execution yes, but for mind games, no.

The CPU basically follows a string of codes via difficulty level. No matter how improved it gets, there’s always a glitch you will notice in movement patterns, attacks, and combos. This will give you the edge in execution, but no real timing against a regular human opponent.

edit - I guess it’s worth it for a while, but not something of a daily process.