Playing against vets Vs. playing against newbs

Being a newb I tried playing ST on GGPO to help me devlop an idea for footsies and help me develop my footsies. GGPO is filled with vets who have been playing ST sine it’s release in '94. I don’t really feel like I’m learning anything new or progressing at all.

When I play SSF4 against people who have the same awareness/skill level as me, I feel like I’m learning a lot more when I play against people at my skill level. Of course there is the occasional pro I run into, which makes me feel like I’m playing GGPO.

Is it me? or does playing against people wayyy beyond your current league do less for you than playing aginst people a little above your league?

Definitely. I mean if you only play people way better than you, you never really have a chance to practice any other skills than blocking (which is one of the most important, but anyways). You can’t be expected to learn anything from someone using advanced mind games when you don’t fully understand what is happening to you.

That’s why I think it is better to practice with people around your same skill level. It would be even better if you could play people slightly better than you, adapt, all while learning and leveling up in the process. Better yet would be to have someone a lot better than you to teach/coach you, but that’s usually not possible, unfortunately.

That being said, if you want to develop your footsies I say just stick to whatever SF4 game you have online. Play ranked same skill or if your lucky you can find a good sparring partner in endless and really get some practice in. Of course online isn’t ideal (lag) but there are so many different types of players out there you can really learn a lot if you are trying to. Don’t get worried about your win percentage and just focus on learning and playing the best possible game you are capable of. And use the replay channel to watch your matches back!

Also, The Footsies Handbook on is a great resource.

If anything, I know it’s possible for some people to get better when playing opponents who are much worse. Adapt to different play styles and treat them all the same. By out of your league, sometimes I might lose the first match, take some time to read them and beat them solidly afterward. If you truly are good at adapting will not allow the other person to read you if anything you’ll only beat them faster. You have to understand, the combos, moves, pokes, everything they have you can do yourself, when they do it, what distance and what they chose to use are the only things you really have to look out for.

I have the same issues being a relatively new ST player myself. A lot of the people on GGPO just straight up body me. What keeps me going is that I try to take a pause between matches and really try to identify what I’m doing wrong in that specific matchup, and what I can do to correct that. You can definitely learn a lot about the game by playing with people above your skill level and trying to come up with ways to beat their strategy.

When do you usually log onto GGPO? I can play some matches with you and hopefully we can both level up.

I play ST on GGPO I’m Focksie

I started ST in 2k4… You don’t need to have started in the beginning to be good in the game.

What do I suggest?

Get a few newbies to be your matchmaking group, go on GGPO to play occasionally among yourselves… everybody learns a little from the good players, and you come together to master that goodness.

I’m in no way good at all. But i can cross up, do some FADC stuff, combo etc. When i go into Endless Lobbies i get fucked. When i play my friends we actually have a good game. I can pull off my stuff and it looks good. Great way of practicing competitively.

Add me if you’re on Xbox - Mepha.


Its actually more fun if you play against people of equal skill. The matches just seem more exciting that way. Whenever I play against people higher than me I am left disappointed. But yeah if you need someone to fight look me up Xbox: AncientMech.

like R2dalph said. when people say play people better than you, they dont mean people 10x better, just people slightly better. that way you can still express yourself, and you can identify where you lost the game. playing someone 10x better is not really teaching you at the same rate playing someone slightly better would.

It depends. If you feel that you don’t even know why you’re losing then you’re probably out of your depth.