Playing All Characters: Realistic / Practical?


Would it be practical to try to be able to play every character at a decent level? Obviously i think its impossible to be able to play everyone (or even more than 2 characters) at a competitive level in fighting games, but I’d really love to be able to play all of the members of a fighting game cast at a decent and casual level. Like at least know the playstyle, basic tools (normals/specials), supers, and BnB combos. (games like Mortal Kombat and KOF i’d love to be able to play more characters proficiently)

Do you guys think its possible to do so? If so, any advice on how to go about it? Or do you think that you just have to stick with one or two characters and ignore playing as everyone else?




Unless you have a situation where you have nothing to do for an extremely long time, i’d say it’s not realistically possible.

Practical yes as you’d have info on all the cast which would improve your match-up knowledge, but when you weigh the time/effort against the pay-off you mentioned which was playing them all at a casual level, then i’d say overall it’s not worth it. I have a friend who switches mains on SF every couple of months, he ends up forgetting how to use the character he played 10 months ago and it’s a waste of time, it depends on your capacity for playing/learning fighting games i suppose!




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Now to go tell the: Funknewbious thread guy, one game at a time man. Get some basics you can use to learn and think with between games. 3D having different evading and defensive abilities and thus maybe a mindset in what to look out for and react to, than 2D games.


Assuming you have a ton of time on your hand, very few responsibilities, a willingness to be a jack-of-all-trades but master of none, and you have no interest in doing better than 2-2 in a tournament…yes…you could do this.

But if you’re trying to be a competitive powerhouse in a tournament, you’re better off focusing on either one or a select few characters. Really get to know the ins and outs of those characters, the finer points of matchup details, how to properly utilize and exploit the game engine to beat out your opponents, etc etc. Otherwise your 30 characters that you can play at a mediocre level will never beat a high-level player who is a character loyalist or just straight up counter-picks you.


Cool thanks for the advice guys. Yeah i mean i have a main + a secondary for the games i do play, but it’s just that there so many cool characters in the games i’d love to be able to play them all. I guess what I’ll probably do is i’ll stick play just 1 or 2 characters for my main games (KOF13, SSF4, UMVC3), and for all the other casual games i’ll just mess around with going random from time to time.