Playing as an Aggressive Chun

What is the best way to play Chun Li aggressively?

My roommate tells me I play to defensive. He says I wait to react to what my opponent does, then attack. I tend to agree with him but I also think it’s because I play against him a lot. Whatever character he plays with he just tends to rush you down, and the easiest way to beat him is just block and punish. He does wake up moves whenever he’s knockdown, and I just walk up, block, and then punish. He’ll do it about 5 times in a row, before he changes to something different but then he goes right back to it. He’s basically a flowchart Ken with all the characters. I tell him to register for this site to get better, but he believes in what he does. However, this messes me up; especially, when playing other players, because not everyone rushes you down.

I do need to be more offensive in those situations, so which is the best way/moves to start Chun Li’s offense?

Pokes and/or being in a position to punish their mistakes. Oddly enough I like to play offensive defense if that makes any sense. You have to be close enough to punish them but you want to be in a defensive position so you can counter. Offensively her pokes and HSU are decent. It all really depends on what character they are playing.

If he does the wakeup SRK all the time keep doing what you’re doing. Occasionally add in a crossup (making sure that if he reversal SRKs it will whiff). Once you condition him to stop reversal SRKing then you can go into throwing him, EX legs bnb, HSU, etc. Essentially learn how to condition him to do what you want him to on wakeup, that is called a mixup.

Just cross him up with d/f hk on wake-up. There’s a timing you should figure out/get comfortable with so that if they reversal when you cross-up, you hit them in the back of the head while they uppercut in the opposite direction. A good start is just doing a forward throw, walking up to their feet and doing d/f hk.

Throwing kikokens on wake-up will force him to block you, and if your timing is tight, you can dash forward and hit with mp before he is out of block stun. Should also be a 2-hit combo if kikoken connects.

Your best poke is mp. Space properly and pay attention to your opponent’s habits. Keep yourself at max range. A st. mp xx mk hasanshu spaced at the tip of mp is safe vs uppercut reversals, mostly.

Don’t be predictable. It’s not so much that you don’t want to do the same thing in every situation, because you do. It’s just that you should also be able to do other things, depending on if/how your opponent is reacting to your offense. Then you mix-up accordingly with the things you have prepared to beat what he’s trying to do.

  • For example, say you like to hit him with jab jab jab standing mp while he’s blocking. But he likes to uppercut before you hit with mp. Next time, jab jab jab walk back a little bit and sweep his whiffed uppercut. When you notice he stops doing uppercut, start doing mp again. Then you notice he likes to jump on you after you do mp, hopefully you notice that in time to anti-air him. But next time, right after mp, you throw out a far hk which will knock him out of the air before he can think about touching you with a jump-in. And it goes on, stay one step ahead. (jab jab jab is kind of plain, so be creative tho)

Just be prepared with a bunch of stuff you practiced. It’s a lot harder since you have to do work before hand instead of just tearing down someone else’s poor offense.

Thanks for the advice. I understand what you’re saying about being offensive defensive. I want to attack but I also want to hold off, so my opponent can make a mistake, then punish him.

Now, I don’t have a problem beating my roommate. He is a cakewalk. I try to help him but he’s set in his ways, it’s just that he puts me in so much a defensive mode, I expect others to do same thing. I do need to use s.MP more, I mostly use s.HP, and c.MK as pokes, but I see the effectivness of s.MP.

Don’t forget the art of being passive aggressive. It’s ok to fake it, but make it convincing.

flowchart ken with all the characters? Can we get vids? I still have problem beating certain flowcharts with chun.

I played Sagat yesterday online and my man is Chun I’m usually aggressive with him. if they start throwing those fireballs but what I noticed is that this guy is waiting for me to make a move and then counters it, patience and being close to him when he makes a wrong move is something to be remembered. Walking back in fort and FADC sometimes gets them confused. Plus for those aggressive Ken do a neutral jump with a HK when they are trying to walk in to you.

He’ll get uppercutted…just give it some time.

This makes sense. Good advice.

Yeah, flowchart with all characters, lol. For example, he’s been playing with Cammy a lot lately, and its cannon drill after cannon drill, then cannon spike after cannon spike. I either block or FA cannon drill then combo. Block cannon spike, dash forward then sweep. Zangief, its back hand then lariat over and over again. He only knows how to link 2 hit combos at most, and when he goes into training, he just practices rushing down his opponent.

I do not have the ability to record vids yet. I need to figure out how to connect my xbox to my mac wirelessly.

Don’t punish whiffed/blocked spikes with sweep unless you have no other options. At the very least go for a throw, it does more damage and gives you the same untechable knockdown.

^^I’ll try that, but I usually go for sweeps because I thought Cammy would have enough time to recover from a cannon spike, since she flies backward on block.

Most likely gonna have to punish with a sweep. You could try timing the HSU, EX legs, EX legs combo. Or HSU, EX, EX, Ultra, or HSU, c.short, etc. Dunno if it’s possible or not.

Playing offensive is tricky. I tend to play offensively also and many times I pay for it. Before you convince yourself you want to throw yourself offensively, you need to assess if it’s the right approach to a fight. A couple of well timed reverses on you can easily take the wind out of your sails.

A good defense though sometimes require a good offense. Not sure if everyone feels this way but forcing your opponent to block is sometimes a better approach in preventing them from punishing you than waiting to counter their moves. But show some restraint.

Playing offensively often takes the form of capitalizing on mistakes. Often times mistakes end in a knockdown.

Got them knockdown what do you want to do:

  • Opponent waiting to reverse you
    * Do nothing?
    * Toss out a jab to try to get a reverse out?

  • Are they going to turtle?
    * Fake a combo and go for a quick throw?
    * df.HK combo them?
    * overhead them with the lk. Hazanshu?
    * throw out pokes?

  • Force a block by timing a fireball to hit as they get up?
    * Follow up with a s.MP, s.HP? (s.MP the safer option)
    * Hazanshu on hitstun? It can comboed if timed right

These are just some options, but playing offensively doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw out attack after attack. You simply have to be proactive to capitalize on opportunities, and in many cases, set up a situation that will give you an opportunity to do damage.

You can’t really do this though without understanding how your opponent plays. If you don’t have an idea of what they’re capable of, and what they can potentially do next, you will be playing into their hands.