Playing as Gief

Well, i’ve been playing as Gief pretty much the start of Street Fighter IV. I’ve learned a lot of punishing moves and new combos. I started to get better at him and now only use him.

Most of my matches end up with the same type of match-ups (gajillion of fireballs coming at me). I just learned that I jump a lot and use the GH too often. i feel like i have hit the wall with Gief! On PSN i’m only at 11000+ GP and that’s only cause I’m actually “playing” the game more often. I’m at 1700+ GP on PC with the madcatz controller (totally different button mapping). Seems easier to use but I’m so used to the PS3 button layout that I keep making mistakes.

So many “good” players use the fireball tatics on me and I just can’t beat them. It is still frustrating for me. Should I be doing more training than just throwing myself in matches?? I’m starting to learn the --> spd/atomic buster/final atomic buster. It works so well and it actually takes about almost 50% of the opponents life. I’m having trouble with the madcatz controller. I just can;t seem to 720 after a FADC. It comes out sometimes and other times . . . no (when I really need it to come out). Do you think it’s due to the lag on the internet? I feel that it is because I can pull it off 95% of the time on PSN. I dunno . . . . love using Gief but i think i gotta start learning or re-learn a Shoto and Dictator.

Your best options for getting past FB spam are: waiting it out, using EXGH, or poke fighting.

a reaction EXGH will stop them from spamming FBs when you’re close and then you can start poke fighting, and are my favorites.

if you wait it out, standing at max range using lariat/FADC to charge your meters, they will eventually come to you realizing they’re only fueling a fire.

Jumping should be kept to a minimum, random jump-ins are great but only if your opponent isn’t expecting them, otherwise you’re going to end up eating ultra combos all day.

I’m kinda rambling so if you see any holes in my strats let me know

i understand what you are saying. Thank you! I’ll just have to be a lot more patient and learn the buttons better.

when i fight good zoners, what i usually do on the fireball fest is go max range and do the lariat/focus game, and build up atleast 1 EX meter

then start pressuring till they are in a corner, i would hold down back as if i were baiting for them to do a jump in overhead attack, when they finally give into it i PPP lariat, it trades, and begin the crossup games. if they escape the crossup games well its rinse and repeat with whatever opportunities they give me.

if you see a shoto going back forth back forth motion while you are advancing dont green hand at all they are just baiting you.