Playing Better? (aka Another Character Selection Topic)


Before I start this post, I want to thank those who posted here at the Newbie Saikyo Dojo when I was having a lot of trouble. I would play tons of matches and feel like I wasn’t getting anywhere. However, after I took out the “Winning is everything” attitude, I found myself improving more than I had hoped for.

I played a bunch of Ranked matches with some of the characters, and I found some really good success (Ken, Sagat, Sakura, Dee Jay and Guile), and not so good success (Akuma!). But this game is starting to be a lot of fun again.

Anyway, I just need some idea on who I should go with full time. Ken, Sagat, and Sakura seem to be the favorites for me, and I’m definitely NOT picking Akuma or the twins(We’ve found too many weaknesses on them already).

So, anysuggestions on who I should try smong the three?


You found more weaknesses in the twins than in Sagat? Oh…

Go with Ken. You sound like a Ken player… Yeah, go with him.


Well, sure! I’ve played against the twins more than any other character in the game, and I found out a couple of things:
1)Use moves that beat out their dive kicks (Sagat’s s.HK or Dee Jay’s s.MP), that take out their air offense.
2)Keep them at a distance with good pokes (Sagat’s s.MK, Ken’s c.MK and s.HK, Sakura’s s.MK and c.MK, etc.)

I think it helped. Also, I sound like a Ken player? A nice compliment, but how?


Oh… :wink:


Play the one you think looks coolest.


Now we just gotta train the rest of SRK to post this in every character selection topic out of pure reflex.


tbh who you play well with at a beginning level doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things.


True, but it would give me a good idea on who I can work on more than the others.


And that choice should be up to you…and you alone.


Too many weaknesses in the twins and Akuma? :eek:


Maybe not Akuma, he’s still the same as he was in Super more or less. I just can’t play him very well. Also there’s a player near where I live who has a good Akuma that kicks everyone’s ass here.

Also, I said we, as in the SRK community, have found these weaknesses in the twins. In fact, I’m not very good at them either, but I felt that Ken, Sagat, and possibly Sakura have a good chance to neutralize the OP-ness of the twins. That’s why I’m leaning towards any of those 3. I do want to narrow it to 1 or 2 soon.


I’d say Sagat and Ken. That being said, it may be because those are two of the characters I enjoy using also. How do you prefer playing? Rush down or more defensive zoning play?


Well, that depends on who I play. What I like to do is get a specific screen distance from a character that will benefit me the most. For most of the time, it’s usually about 1/4 to 1/3 of a screen away. It’s enough to counter a jump in attack, and to poke them at any time. I would like to learn a little rush down for a change of pace.


Too many weaknesses in this thread.

Pick who you’re comfortable with and move on.
I hate pick my character threads. It’s like asking a 3 year old kid asking which sticker he should pick after getting a needle for immunizations.


Pick any character you like and just go with it. It’s easy to say “pick the character that fits your playstyle”, but most new players have little idea of what their playstyle actually is beyond “find that one move that I can throw out mindlessly and still win against other low level players”. You just have to give your playstyle time to develop and learn the game.

Even if you end up dropping your character for another down the line, you will still be able to transfer your fundamental skills and your knowledge of the game to that next character. Bad habits and tendencies that you had with your last character will still be there with your new one.


I agree, way too many posts on this now. The bottom line is, no matter how many times people tell you who to pick, unless you like them, you won’t play them. Play the character you prefer and feel more comfortable with and train.


It’s better to know general game play then pick a character that suits you. I don’t win with practically any character by just mashing, though using the characters I prefer would make it easier.