Playing Chun-Li on gamepad?


Can i do that? Charging moves are not problems, but pianoing is so hard for me. I wonder if i can play her without Legs or there is another way to do piano easier? I can’t get a arcade stick at myy place, so what i have are just X360 and PS3 controllers.


You can probably do okay without using legs. She probably relies on it the least out of all the “hands” characters (Gen, Honda, Blanka, Decapre.) However, it’s still useful and it’s very difficult and unreliable on a pad.

You cannot piano on a pad. I think you have 3 choices - get a stick (I bought a mid-level stick online and it’s amazing), don’t use legs, or don’t use Chun-Li. If you try and mash out legs on a pad you’re going to get yourself into more trouble than what it’s worth.


Don’t listen to the guy on top.

Brolylegs uses pad and he’s really good + some guy got top 8 at evo2k10 with pad chun.

And if you’re gonna be a decent chun its MANDATORY to able to perform ex legs> ultr etc.


You need EX legs for soft knockdown setups/combo into ultras/squeeze extra damage. It’s a must

Regular leg for optimized damage. It’s not an absolute must, but your life will be a lot easier if you can do it.

LL/LL loop is possible on the regular controller. Just poke around this thread for the testimonials and possible customized configurations that you have to do.

I was going to suggest the Madcatz fight pads and the Saturn clone pads since they have six face buttons, but with the stock controllers, I believe it’s still possible.


I’m sure there was a pad Chun on here a while ago that binded shoulder buttons to kicks to assist legs.

Then you could easily “piano” LB, face button, RB, LB, then whichever face button strength you want to finish on.

ie, LB,A,RB,LB,B for medium legs

Don’t compromise though - Chun without legs is no Chun at all.


Apexeon who is #1 Chun on Steam uses pad, and Shizza used pad. I wonder if pad isn’t the way to go when playing Chun.


I’m about to switch to hitbox for better leg loops. My Saulabi just doesn’t cut it for them.

Anyone who says Chun doesn’t need legs doesn’t play Chun. You need to at least be able to do EX Legs. However, EX Legs, you shouldn’t need to Piano as much. If you can get two’s to link and cancel into ex legs, you’re doing fine in that department.


This is false. Her only real damage comes from using legs.


I agree with the comment above mine but you could play a grimey Chun and reset all day. At least ex legs is amust


I main chun li with a madcatz SFxTekken pad and I’m terrible at it - but then I am just terrible at the game anyway. If you held the pad like a claw you could in theory piano the input, at best however you could slide but I find neither possible, you have to just give up on the cr.HP xx Legs input for high damage and just rely on easy setups such as cr.LK, cr.LK > legs/EX legs or buffering the command with target combo or down forward HK.