Playing Dante anchor..could seriously use some tips



Playing dante anchor at the moment…I can never seem to find approaches or mixups with him that don’t involve meter, or an assist.

My entire gameplan with him is basically:
spam airplay > go for hit confirms off of it
spam missles when safe
box jump H constantly

i don’t even see teleport as a viable move by itself cause i’m just getting grabbed all day

i need approaches…mixups…

the only thing i can think of doing more is BnB into wiregrapple reset.


Acid Rain to force a block so you con go for an empty jump and then a low, or you can try to do a TK Hammer to whiff on purpose so the enemy will block high, and then go for a Cr. L, The best Tool you can have is Devil Trigger and spam Thunderbolts, they do A LOT of damage in x-factor lvl3, in fact is better to end your cambos in 5x thunderbolst than in Million dollars if you are in x-factor, also a wireglappe reset is not viable without a low or a projectile assist , yeah it can work but is no that good, you should go for an airgrab reset because in x-factor lvl 3 you can continue the combo off an air grab.


There’s a thread about anchor Dante that has some good stuff in it. I’ll even link you so you won’t have to look for it on the first page in the Dante subforum.