Playing Fighting Games Solo

Back in the day I used to have all the local competition in the world; when I went to school, there was a local arcade called Pin Ball Pete’s to go to. Now, i’m in the middle of nofuckingwhere, NJ and I play SF by myself. Unfortunately, it’s not as satisfying playing by myself and i’d rather lose to a live opponent than beating the snot out of the computer.

I once met Popoblo at a tourney where he stated that he played by himself. I don’t know how the hell he enjoyed it though. Any of you play solo?

Me… It sucks… I played someone at an arcade who raped me so bad… But It felt good, I whent to another arcade but It was full of scrubs, Except for two guys, But they don’t go there anymore… :frowning:
Soon I will get Xbox Live… Maybe but… Hopefully.

=( Don’t you have a car, or access to public transportation? :shake:

Personally, the only time I play fighters by myself is when I’m practicing something…

Games that I play solo(FGs) are games I tend to give up on. Melty Blood/Arcana Heart/Narutimate Accel 2/Virtua Fighter. Well VF I had comp in but I fell out of contact with them so…

“You’re my beautiful little secret…” [/Garrett]

Nope, only for practice of certain infinites/set ups. Otherwise I would probably not even bother, or I would just shoot myself.

I frequently play against the CPU to practice my execution. I consider it a training mode with a moving practice character.

Lol, I’m fourteen and The streets are too dangerous… It’s stupid…

Gross… :wasted:

Hahaha, cool posts. Yeah, I think this is the main reason why i’m not as into it anymore because I know that no matter how good I think i’m getting, i’ll get my ass whooped easily! I’ve got a car, but don’t want to drive mad far just to play. Ugh. Maybe I’ll get into the new slew of games more seriously, since they are, well, new =)

Can’t wait!

You guys should come play on p2p. If the fighting game you play has no online…well then…pick up 3s.

I don’t enjoy playing solo but I usually am. I have a car so I can drive out places but I’ll probably just get pounded anyway…and that’s a long way to be driving just for that. :rofl:

I play the VF5 CPU for execution and defense practise.

Nothing wrong with playing solo and enjoying it. Sure beats playing somebody who thinks every game is “Skreet Fightuh”, and can’t play for shit. 1p mode was never intended to be used for the sole purpose of training for a tourney. It was meant to be enjoyable for solo play, and for most fighters, it succeeds.

Man thats all I’ve been doing since I moved out here to SoCal is playing fighting games by myself; sometimes I’ll play against my nephew but he ain’t no real competition but I do use him for practice sometimes :). When I was living up in VA my friends were always comp to me and I was pretty much at the top, then after joining the military I fell off of playing fighting games cuz no one watned to play against me; all they cared about was playing Halo 24/7. I played against a few South Koreans when I was stationed in Korea but of course I got raped but it was better than playing against the computer you know? And now that I’ve actually been doing other things than just playing video games and been either working or going to reserve drill, I kinda lost interest in playing altogether…I still play every once in awhile though. But I definitely know what you are saying because I’m going thru the same thing over here…all everyone does over here is party lol

the real comp I get around here is people on the net :stuck_out_tongue:

Use too but not so much anymore. I got together with an acquiescence and we are getting some people into the “fighting game scene” as some may say. (I swear the people just get hooked with Guilty Gear)

I would play online and I really have tried but it’s just not the same at all.

I played online a lot in the lull between middle school and high school where I did not have transportation. It is a lot better than nothing. In fact, I highly suggest you look into it.

I usually play in the arcades (I’m in Japan) so I have competition for a ton of games, but a lot of times I’ll use training mode at home to practice setups and stuff. I guess to get me “used” to some character-specific combos or whatever, or to practice flowcharts for VF.

if i feel like playing a fighting game and i dont feel like going anywhere/calling anyone then i just netplay

still miles better than playing a shitty cpu

I do it just for practice. Other than that, the boring way to play