Playing footsies ;)?

can anyone link/show/help me how to play the footsies game with sakura effectively?

i occasionally try but im not sure if im actually doing it properly or if im just wasting round time.

please help!
there are several chapters

To play footsies with Sakura, you need to know and utilize these things…

  • c.HP is one of her best anti-air attacks
  • standing HK is another good anti-air attack, can also be used at maximum range when opponent wakes up
  • c.MK–>Shou is another footsie-move that is effective at maximum range

thanks for the input, i have one more question though

why do people start their combos with, c.lp , whatever? i just do c.lp, c.lp whatever. is there a difference?

for one, has to be blocked low. c.lp does not.

-When far away from a opponent try to close in with, if it hits go into HP SRK for good damage and a knockdown. If your opponent sees the poke coming and jumps, go for c.hp anti air. is your best friend when it comes to your footsie game. can cancel into anything so use it as hit confirmation when starting up your combos. So if hits try to cancel into a SRK or a Tatsumaki. One thing I do when they block is, lk tatsumaki, and then during block stun do, lk tatsumaki, from here you can go into or move in to throw. If hits cancel into HP SRK.

cr. Kicks have to be blocked low, cr. punches can be blocked either low or high.

there for cr.kicks hit when the opponent blocks high this creates for sakura an opening to combo into cr.lp,cr.hp, Ex Shunpu

also against certain characters like balrog you will stuff a non ex headbutt with c lk because hes not invincible in his lower hit box. i think it does more stun too but dont quote me on that

do you have to be a certain distance? or is it ok to be close

u can be close as long as its meaty but u do need to watch out for ex dash punches with armor. i would just try to get the cr lp out fast enough to break his armor before he destroys you

If you are keeping your distance throw in some sweeps or xx dp .I also throw out some overheads at mid range(because it has very good range) after i teach them to block low my mixups/footsies.Also if they throw out a low poke, there is a good chance that the overhead will counterhit,allowing you to follow up wish xx Shou or EX shynpu or whatever.Also you can use your focus attack if you predict a from say ryu ,and it will go over it and hit him ,after that backdash and punish his obvious shoryuken.

I see advice like this all the time about footsies:

Honestly, as more of a beginner player, I don’t see how anyone can throw out the, recognize if it hits or not, and be ready to go with the srk fast enough. I can usually get a poke to connect, but how do you react fast enough? Buffer the input for the srk “just in case” it connects or something?
Or do you wait until you know the will connect so you have no fear of the srk being blocked?
I think I’m missing some crucial footsie knowledge here…

you dont have to recognize the hit. this is the way it works. u distance yourself to were your cr mk is just out of range. if your opponent throws an attack your cr mk will stuff your opponents attack on its start up. now if you input the dp and the attack misses it wont come out (assuming u did it fast enough), but if i does connect with your opponent the cr mk will cancel and your hp dp will come out and you get the full combo on your opponent. so you dont have to see if it connects if your far enough away. also against kens that like to use the step forward mk u can find the right distance and hit him with this every time. this is one of sakuras only ways in and its a strong way to get and i would advise that you get use to it.

I see, so effectively you are setting yourself up to attack their extended hit box if they attack? Nice. Now off to read and re-read and re-re-read those nice footsie articles…


yep and no prob.

you must also know that c.HP will NOT anti air an empty jump in on any char… instead youll be stuck in recovery and you WILL eat a fatty combo… be wary about trying to anti air with c.hp, as a lot of people now know this to be the case and they will exploit the hell out of it

also to the comment where they said cancel a into a lk tatsu on block… lk tatsu does not link with… only the HK and EX versions link. to link from a to a lk tatsu you must add c.lp->c.hp after the… or you can go from -> s.hp into the lk tatsu

I tend to think that you need to use st.HK in the same way since with 10 frames of startup there’s no guaranteeing that they’ll be in the same place as they were when you hit the button by the time it actually hits. If you’re too close to Rog when you do st.HK for example then he can quite easily walk forward a little and jab you with his giant gorilla arms. You’ll need to be careful with characters with long focus attack ranges too (Gen, chun…) as they can do it on reaction and will have enough time to charge it to lvl2 before you’ve recovered.

you are right in the fact that it doesnt combo but also give note to the fact that people at close range tend to options select grab tech, and if they are u will hope over the cr lk and connect with the lk tatsu and u can st lk or cr hp out of that into a combo. i wouldnt suggest doing it on bad kids that mash srk’s or reversals or jab mashers. but if you are playing someone good its actually a really good strat.

There are a few different ways to hitconfirm something.
The one codallen talked about is one way, that’s something you want to use for counter pokes only.
Gief players do it all the time with x ex hand, if hits one of your pokes they get a free knockdown on top of that.
Same with Sagat players and x low tiger.
As Destin mentioned in another thread, Sakura can do it with x hp srk and x hp srk.

You can also hitconfirm the traditional way, which if possible you should always do.
If I do x hp sho and confirm it I do it this way:, f,d,df: confirm : hp
So I input both and the shoryu every single time, but only press hp if I see connect. is a good starter poke to learn confirming with since it’s imo relatively easy.

For some moves you can’t actually hitconfirm them, so you “hitconfirm” it by looking at what they were doing just before the attack connected.
So if you see them twitch, it’s likely it hit so you do the followup.
With a fast low if they were standing it’s likely it connected so you do the followup.
This is only used for attacks that can’t actually be confirmed on hit like Makoto’s x hayate in 3s.

If possible you should always do a traditional confirm, since it has the lowest chance of failing.
Counter poke confirms is also hard to bait into a failure in some cases so they can be very safe as a confirm as well.
To bait Zangief’s for example you have to walk into his 360 range, so it’s a bit dangerous ^^;

Also, the more used you get to inputing + f,d,df every time and making it a habit, the easier it’s going to get focusing on the actual confirm.
For example I find it much more difficult to confirm Chun Li x ex legs than Sakura x hp sho even though if you look at the frames you have the exact same amount of time to do it.
The reason is for Chun I have to do, mk~lk :confirm: lk+mk
And I have to input those four inputs every time really fast, so the input is more complicated which means I can focus a bit less on the actual confirm.

I thought the “traditional” way to hit confirm into Shou was c.LK > c.LP > c.MK xx Shou (or something to that effect) :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re a better man than most of us if you can confirm quick enough off a single attack, if I were to do that I’d be too late on the HP after realising the c.MK hit :frowning: