Playing for Perfection

Just wondering what your guy’s views are on the following situation. Everyone has been in a fight where they take a giant lead real quick, taking out like 90-95% of their opponent’s health before they even lay a finger on you. My question is in this situation do you go for the perfect, or willingly trade blows with someone and lose the perfect just to get the win. Ultimately the win is all that counts, but a perfect is good for the ego.

Sometimes trade hits are necessary, and will put you in an advantageous position.

If a trade hit will win you a match, I don’t see any reason not to go for it.

I just go for the trade. Getting the perfect doesn’t really matter to me.

  1. Trade hits for win. You piss them off.
  2. Get a Perfect. You really piss them off.
  3. Get a Perfect with a tick throw. You REALLY piss them off.
  1. Get a perfect using ONLY tick throws.

Just go for the win, screw the perfect. On a somewhat related note, I’ve seen people lose a round because they tried to finish their opponent with a super combo when a normal or special would have resulted in a victory.

The perfect doesn’t really mean much for me in Street Fighter. It means even less in HDR because not only is the points scoring system gone now, there are times when the game doesn’t even acknowledge your perfect even when you get it.

I say the sooner you can get the win, the better. If that means sacrificing my perfect for a trade, then so be it. Better that I win the match nice and fast than to prolong the fight trying to get a perfect and risk giving my opponent the opportunity to make a come-back.

The perfect would be nice; but winning is more important.

Go for the fast finisher, the hell with the perfects. I have seen players (even good ones) got careless and trying to go for perfect and ended up losing the round.

i (try to) go for the perfect…which is also going for the win since I need to play perfectly (avoiding attacks, keeping your opponent rushed down, in infinite, having your execution down)

“winning is more important”…ummm, a perfect is winning, no?

people going for perfects, which usually means NOT playing recklessly, and they end up losing? I don’t believe it’s because of them attempting a perfect…

“just go for the win” yes, perfects accomplish that

“trade hits are necessary” ??? even with a big lead? O.o

I only go for a Perfect against my friend when we play… because we know the person who is really close to winning with a Perfect really wants it. :slight_smile: If either of us fails to get that perfect at the last second, the person who narrowly escapes the perfect usually drops the controller and says, “I win.” Moral victory. :rofl:

But otherwise, no, I never care about the Perfect. A win is a win is a win is a win. Oftentimes, because you have a huge lead, you can really hurt an opponent’s options. For example, if you have 95% of your life and you are Guile and you opponent is Ryu with 5% of this life, you can walk right outside his Fireball range and dance. The instant he Throws a Fireball, do Low Forward. You’ll hit his leg but eat the Fireball. But now you are at 90% life and he’s at 1% life! Now he’s REALLY scared to throw that Fireball.

But if you didn’t have that big lead, it’s probably not worth doing that. So use your lead to your advantage. Oftentimes it helps you GET your win.

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A better question is how often you purposely go for the trade.

This is 100% wisdom.

If you give more damage than you take, 100% of the time. Trading also takes reasonable yomi.

Regarding the OP, ‘play to win’ don’t ‘play to perfect’.

Playing to perfect = playing to show off, meaning you’re going to make mistakes.

When you play to show off…things like [media=youtube]wz0byINrPLg#t=2m12s"[/media] happen.

how the hell does playing to perfect = showing off? it’s like the total opposite.

and if you happen to lose from a big lead, it’s because you messed up and your opponent is generally around your level probably (perhaps higher) and just played smarter at that time.

lol at making mistakes when trying to play for a perfect

Well I know as a Bison player there times where I get the feeling the opponent is getting ready to fireball and I can psycho crusher them so it hits just as the fireball is coming out, thus trading hits, but I win the trade.

I was just wondering what other people do. If I am playing my friends I definetely got for the perfect. Just like someone said earlier, often times one of us will take solace in breaking up the other person’s perfect, cause we want to embarass each other. However, if it is a serious situation, like for money, tourny, or playing random at the arcade I wouldn’t think twice about solely going for the perfect.

Sometimes I see highly aggressive players dominate a person to the last sliver of health then all of a sudden they want to keep the perfect and they back off looking for a spot to open for the final tick, but they just get wrecked for trying to fix something that wasn’t broken lol.

I think “Playing for the perfect” and “Playing for the win” are essentially the same thing. Sometimes you will get the perfect and sometimes you will trade for the win. I think they come hand in hand…or at least it has for me.

Always try to trade long rage s.fp/s.rh with fireballs.

At least I do.

Especially when I’m balrog vs guile >:O

Just get the round

I am not a good enough ST player to give obvious examples, but, say, you are playing HF as Ryu against a shoto, he is about to die and somewhat close to you, and fires a jab hadouken. It is just undeniably stupid not to go for the tatsu and finish him off: you just give him free momentum and an unneeded chance of a possible comeback (assuming there is still enough time for him to attempt it). Unless it is a friendly match and you want to tease on him solely for the sake of it, of course.

Just go for the win.

If I get perfect, then that’s perfect. But a win is a win. It doesn’t specifically state on your record how many perfects you have, only wins.