Playing from left side (Player 1 side)



Im using a fight stick and have difficulty playing Guile from left side. I cant use sonic booms quickly after one another like i do from right side and sometimes sonic booms wont even come out. Any advice how to play comfortable from left side??


So are you right handed? Have you tried cross armed holds? Holding the stick with your right and hitting the keys with your left?

I’ve seen people in the arcades do that.

Then again, you can always practice in the training room til you get comfortable pulling Sonic Booms from the left.


any advice how to grip with the left hand?


I grip the balltop of the joystick with my thumb on the back and forefinger and middle finger opposite my thumb. There’s many ways to grip though. There’s a thread somewhere in Tech Talk, of which I shall be linking for you within a few minutes.

Edit: Here you go.

Three Fingered Rodeo!

Further Note: Since you have a Fightstick, get used to riding the gate, especially for charge characters. To secure a solid charge for a Boom and a Flash, [from the 1p side] keep the stick within the bottom left corner then slide it along the gate. Up for a Flash Kick or across [to :r:] for a Sonic Boom. Let that train you to get used to fighting on 1p side.

That’s how I got used to fighting on a stick, except for me I had to get used to 2p side.


I always have trouble with opposite side, keep practice is only way.


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i used to have problems throwing out booms/charge moves as well… ya gotta be authoritative when you throws those out.

sonic BOOM mo’fucka


Just sit in training room until you can full-screen back to back throw booms out. Start with light, then slowly move your way up to EX’s until it just feels natural.