Playing Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition On PC

Is it possible? I know there are various roms available online for super turbo, but I haven’t found anything for the anniversary edition. especially since it’s apparently for ps3 and xbox…

Yeah man it is possible. Google for and you will find the rom, also ggpo runs it as well, but not many people play it since its very unbalanced. If I said something that its against the forum rules then I’m sorry, any moderator feel free to edit or delete this post.

Like the previous posters said, you can download the rom and then play against others using GGPO. Very rarely are there any people actually playing it, since the preferred game is ST. However, you might find some people willing to play with you as long as you ask. Personally I enjoy playing the old characters.

I’m always down to play AE, just look for me in the ST lobby. There are a few other guys that like AE in the ST lobby as well.

by few it must be 4 players cuz ppl rarely plays it XD

idk, maybe if someone makes an AE tournament, ppl would be more active in it

There’s basically nobody in there, unless you ask someone from the ST room to play it. I think a lot of people would give it a shot though. Playing the old characters is pretty fun.

Playing the old characters is pretty fun… IF u win, cuz losing to some CE Bison bullshit u promise urself to not playing AE ever again!

Well CE Bison is pretty broken. But otherwise, everybody has a decent chance of winning.