Playing lame only option?

in short I only win when I just zone and poke. The opponent gets to do a full combo and have to just wait for a chance to press one button. This is getting boring. People don’t stop jumping and jLK is not enough reason for them to respect you. CrHP is terrible. jMP not reliable usually loses or trades. Why is scissors not airborne? Dash is useless since you can get poked out of it. Frustrated.

I am a very offensive player and i begin to also think that to win with Bison you must play a lot defensive/zoning and a little of offense sometimes (like problemX) but i don’t like that style

I don’t like playing lame but some match ups it is kind of difficult to avoid. You lame out a good amount of the match and burst them with some aggressiveness, bait out a reversal and just punish for like 40% of their health and get into their head.

I think its the most optimum way of playing him. We don’t have walkspeed to get in and dash is too easily countered. Our pokes are above average, so used defensively it can make approaching Bison from the ground difficult. I never eat full jump in combo’s unless my opponent predicted a Psycho Axe or Knee Press and neutral jumped to counter. Its rare I’ll eat a forward jump in, usually its when I get Pyscho Blast accidently over Pyscho Axe. On the ground I eat combo’s off opponents shimmying me or counterhit set ups. I don’t really have have any complaints about this. I’m of the opinion if my opponent is constantly jumping at me, I’m more than likely going to win the match. I fear much more greatly opponents with strong fundmentals on the ground.

But there is opportunties to get offense going.

Back throw, Ex.Knee Press (delay 1 frame), EX. Head Press all set up Pyscho Axe.
Either throw into corner sets up meaty pressure.
V-Reversal sets up meaty pressure (dash S.HK covers normal recovery, dash Axe covers back recovery)
Any time you combo into MP.Inferno you get to choose betwee a 5 frame safe jump (empty jump to beat 3 frame reversals) and dash up meaty pressure.
In the neutral game, S.MP buffered to shadow axe allows you to combo into MP.Inferno. Which leads to the above.
Anything thats -6 or greater on block, can allow for combo’s into MP.Inferno which leads to the above.
Knee Press on hit gives you frame advantage allowing pressure to begin. EX.Knee Press can be throw out randomly. Against 9 characters its +1 on advantage leads to a 50:50 mix up. VT. Ex Knee Press is +3 on block.
If you land an anti air C.HP you can go for a meaty Axe which if you time it right can be more than +1 on block, or you can move forward and try to bait a reversal.
If you make a read on a fireball, you can jump at your opponent or use EX.Head Press.
Dash up pressure should be used sparingly, but it can on occasion allow you to start offense.
Like wise sweep is risky as hell but on hit gives you the knockdown which leads to meaty pressure. On counter hit you get to dash several times for corner carry.
If you force your opponent into the corner you can walk back, poke and knee press pressure them in a loop while looking for their neutral jump counter so you can counter it with J.MP.
Ex.Psycho Blast allows you to close up and potentially start pressure.
Against opponents who are not good at AA , EX.Devils Reverse can get you in and start pressure.

So much to think about playing as bison. He’s still boss though.

Back throw sets up psycho axe. Not sure what to do after back throw. Pyscho axe whiffs so am I supposed to dash then Pyscho axe?

Yep, I find myself playing only in that way above gold.

They’re a little further when you backthrow out of the corner. But normally the Psycho Axe will connect.

In training I do back throw followed by Pyscho axe and it always whiffs?

There is not a whole lot to think about. He is really linear. Once you have ingrained the setups he can be played in a completely auto-pilot fashion against weaker players. His wake-up setups are simple to remember for the most part. A lot of them are did they back recovery? Psycho axe. Normal recovery? St.rh.