Playing "lame".

I apologize in advance if this thread i started already exists, or has a thread related to it.
And of course the very noobish question that I probably answered by asking this.

What exactly do people mean when they tell you to play lame?
Is it:

  1. Turtle the whole match.
  2. Wait and bait.
  3. Just use normals, only use a character’s special moves when needed to.
  4. All of the above.

Whatever allows you to win in SFIV basically. Get a health lead and runaway, build a bunch of super meter and sit on it, spam whatever works until they stop falling for it, don’t do anything that will put you at a great risk of getting hit (like using tiger knees instead of tiger uppercuts or sticking to jabs and sweeps instead of EX dash punches with Rog).

A lot of people lose in SFIV because they try to win the match when there’s clearly no need to “win” the match anymore. There’s no reason to try and kill off Ryu when he only has 10 percent health, 3 EX meters and full ultra and you have 50 percent health with less meter. He has better tools than you do now because that’s the way Capcom designed the game. Don’t be a hero about it…just play lame and turtle your ass off until he gets complacent and burns the meter on EX hado or whiffs a shoryu and then punish.

When people call you lame it basically means they ackknowledge they did not overcome your tactics/playstyle. In other words they failed and use it as an excuse to justify their ‘superior’ playstyle. There will always be certain aspects that are annoying or considered boring but if these things work for you, go for it.

Yeah in my general competitive area though “lame” is basically referred to as a play style. Like it’s basically a SF connotation for us. We use it differently than say an Xbox Live scrub does who thinks playing lame means doing whatever he can’t beat. So we sarcastically turn it into something that means something a bit different. When we tell each other to play “lame” it means don’t be a hero and don’t stick your head out there unnecessarily. You’re already winning the match and trying to seal it when you don’t really need to is unnecessary. It basically means let the health bars and the clock do the work for you.

Thank you very much. I’ve been trying to apply this kind of play style lately. I’ve been playing mostly charge characters i.e. dictator and honda. Patience is not really my best asset when it comes to SF, but I’m getting that hang of it, i even try and play Sim. I’m a really patient person outside SF and other video games… i just can’t seem to incorporate that when i play.

Annoying the crap out of your opponent is incredibly fun to do. Grabbing people multiple times in a row, fake outs and feints, turtling against other turtlers, etc.

When you rile them up, you have the psychological advantage. “Lame” is losing when you could’ve won.

DevilJin is right, the shitty mechanics of sf4 force you to play lame when you are ahead since any poke, throw/tech attempt, missed link, blockstring involving anything but cr.lp/lk mashing can and will get you srk > fadc > ultra’d.

Except laming it out is pretty damn viable in anything but like…Marvel maybe? Nah, I think I’ve seen it there with Roll/Servbot teams even.

Playing lame is whenever you win and they lose.

Marvel has plenty of lame shit too. Cable sittin on meter and throwing balls at you n shit. Marvel is generally a more offensive game than SFIV though so Marvel lame is more interesting to watch or utilize IMO. SFIV lame is basically just not doing much anything at all cuz it’s all overly risk based against the top tiers once they have meter. Lame play between the lower tiers generally has more strategic application to it but Ryu and Sagat you basically just don’t need to press anything anymore once you have a health lead and they have meter. Especially since their mix up game isn’t really GDLK.

Well, yeah, Storm meter building is like the definition of lame, I was just thinking of where you cross from “everyday Marvel” lame to “Servbot not getting hit by HVP” lame I guess.

Yeah Storm running to the top of the screen is pretty ass gay but what could potentially happen after that is more interesting IMO than most anything that happens in SFIV. The tools you have to beat Storm turtling IMO are still more varied and interesting than what you have to beat Ryu sitting on meter in IV.

Fighting games in general are lame though. The guy who usually wins in tournaments is the one who gets hit the least. It’s just the way SFIV works you have to give more credit to lame play than in any other SF game since offensively there is little you can do as well. That’s why I really hope Super SFIV turns up the offense like they say they will. That way winning the match will be more important than sitting on the lead. I just want SFIV’s play to be more active. More buttons being pressed. Less down back saving you from 90 percent of offense. If people are going to play lame at least force them to have to move and react while they’re doing it.

It’s subjective as to what is “Lame” and what is not. I personally find anything boring to be lame i.e:

  • Guile players who sit in a corner, fire a few booms, wait then flashkick on jumpin or go straight for the sweep option.
  • Gouki players who do nothing but jump back air fireball then go “Shit, I’m cornered! Teleport like crazy!”,
  • Zangief players who do nothing but lariat, makes me clap my hands in a sarcastic manner and go “Wow, you’re talented with one button.”
  • Sagat players who do non-stop uppercuts because it results in me going “Autopilot Izuna vortex” and I really hate doing the same move over and over.
  • Blanka’s who sit there, wait for you to move then roll accordingly (Rainbow ball on jump, rolling attack on walk forward).
  • Chunners who abuse the slide kick and overhead kick.

I could probably find little habits within all characters that I absolutely hate and find mundane and I’m sure everyone has this little list of gripes that makes them roll their eyes and go “This again…” But it all depends on what moves piss you off the most and what playstyle grates on you.

One person’s lame could be another person’s “You’re not bad/you’re good with insert character” So you can’t pinpoint a specific “lame” point.

Especially online, sometimes I just don’t even bother doing good combos with Gen or Viper anymore since one missed link is a guaranteed reversal dp :frowning:


Yeah I get what you mean, lame is used in many different ways anyway. But online (I am assuming he way talking about online) it’s mostly applicable to dudes that fail to beat you and call it so.

There is a match on youtube of a E.Honda mirror match timing each other out in the first round by sitting there doing nothing, THEN going for slight headbutts in the second round. Edging out a win through slight damage.

It’s extremely boring to watch, and boring to play but this is, sadly, the essence of SF4. If you have the patience to do that, you’ll go far in this game sadly. Because no matter how offensive your character is, at some point you have to have the ability as a player to “play lame” as DevilJin puts it.

This took me years to accept, and honestly, to a degree you will go through phases in doing it. Because you basically have to play in a manner which may, or may not be fun to you to win. At that point you have to question, WHY, you play the game in the first place. Is winning fun enough to justify such a playstyle for you? Winning is always the goal, it should be, but the road to that victory should also be fun for you.

If this is always the case, then “playing lame” will ever rarely be “lame”. It will just be “playing.”

At least its not MVC2.


It’s funny how these topics turn into other discussions later on. :lol:

This is a good example of another typical SFIV match where the best way to win is not really to win but “do whatever you can to not lose”. Basically as we call it where I live “play lame”. We’re not necessarily discrediting the Honda player since if the Honda player does what he does in the video against the Blanka player he wins and we win money and it’s all good. Though it’s not necessarily a super engaging battle by any means either.


The Honda player knows right off the bat that he wins this match convincingly if he gets a health lead and keeps Blanka out. Blanka’s offensive game has been nerfed huge in SFIV and combined with a shitty Ultra, Honda doesn’t need to worry about much even if Blanka gets in as long as he has the health lead. If he knows how to use s.HP, LP headbutt and tech throws the health lead will do the rest for him. A Honda player has no excuse for letting Blanka take the fight after getting a 30-40 percent or higher health lead vs. Blanka. The odds of Blanka still winning the match are close to zero. Blanka has to play this match in a way where he is keeping up with the health that Honda has because that’s the way his character was designed. He just can’t create big damage even when he catches rather solid mistakes from Honda. It just doesn’t add up.

Now at this point it’s not even really about knocking SFIV…it’s just about if you’re a Honda player fighting a Blanka player and you want to win…basically the number one advice you can get is to get the health lead (by landing a combo or 2) and sit back.


Yes I’ve seen that Honda match awhile back. At first I thought it was boring as shit, and then i watch it again and analyzed why they did that. Then I can to the conclusion that SF4 is not all about rushing down and getting that damage in for the win, patience is part of the game and if you don’t have it, good luck winning/getting better at it.

I’m not a big fan of losing…when I’m by myself I flip the shit after losing 5 times in a row.
When I’m with friends I try to keep my composure…but I still get really salty.
Need to work on that…
People tell me that I take SF/SF4 seriously…why wouldn’t I? To me Street Fighter is not just a game anymore, it’s a lifestyle.

Yeah you have to be in the opponent’s head and generally understand that you already have the KO screen lined up for you even though you aren’t actively pressing an offensive battle until you win. That’s what SFIV can be about in a lot of matchups and especially if you are the character that doesn’t have that advantage in the matchup like the Blanka player you better be making good check of where your health bar is at or put the controller down before the screen says KO. Like if I was the Blanka player in that match I would just walk away from the cabinet around 30 seconds into the 2nd round. You just know you mentally fucked up and that’s it.

when someone tells you to play lame, it means play safe