Playing more makes me worse

Whenever you’re getting trolled and you think you might lose the match, taunt. And when you get a knockdown taunt again. And whenever you get a chance without putting yourself at risk, taunt again. The taunt button doesn’t have a skill level requirement. And for the record, I am 100% serious about doing this. Do it purely to cheer yourself up during a match. Don’t take it personal, push that pressure onto the guy trolling you.

Also one more thing… trolls, be it experienced players or not are trolls because they are afraid of losing. If they had any confidence they would just wipe the floor with you and move on. If people play like shit and troll around it’s so they can make an excuse for when they lose. There is no winning against those assholes, even if you do actually win. So just taunt and rack up those style points.

I think will be better for you if you try learning with someone who is starting with the game too (if that’s you case), someone in your gameplay level.
If you can’t throw a fireball, shoryuken, or some similar moves with a solid rate (it means 9/10 at least, better 10/10), so first thing is training your execution.

After that, train your reaction. Try to make fireball dispute with a buddy. It worked very well with my cousin. He never played any fighting game, and in less than 6 months playing SSF4, he improved a lot. He can combo in the right time, react in right time against almost everything he knows, know when to punish or not certain opponent moves.

Of course there is a lot to do, but my point is, if you try to play with people that are extremely stronger than you, you will never learn anything, just will get yourself frustrated. And don’t try top players tactics if you haven’t learned the basis of the game, it will not work.

After you see that you can do the basics of the game, follow the Kendrik post.

For basics I mean:
You can do any move of the game without missing it a lot.
Know your BnB combos.
Know how and when to punish a bad timed jump in.
Know when jump in, and not being trapped in the opponent fireball game.
Know how to throw escape, most of the time.

My speech is not the best, because I’m still practicing my english, but I think you can get my point.


Also, take a couple of hours out and watch this video, it applies mainly to Ryu but the basics apply to pretty much 95% of the other characters.


Watch streams. You would be surprised how much you can pick up just by watching others.

Play some Endless Lobbies. If you join a low pop lobby and announce that you SUCK and are there to learn you will either get kicked or the people will gladly try to help you along. Chances are if they kicked you it wasn’t a lobby you would have wanted to be in anyway.

If it’s any consolation I got booted from a -1000p Endless last night because I fucking stink.