Playing Multiple Fighters

Who plays more than one fighter (i.e., SF + TK + SC)? How do you practice for both? Do you ever mix up combos/inputs/timing?

I myself use to play BB before I came to Japan, and since I’ve been learning AE/2012 but when I go to my local arcade and see the BB cabinet, I can’t help but become a bit nostalgic and want to pick it back up. I’m afraid that if I do so, I’ll get the two games confused, since the systems are vastly different.


It’s initially difficult to play multiple games at a competent levels, but as long as you’re willing to put in the work to become proficient in multiple games, you shouldn’t have a problem. After enough practice, your muscle memory should retain the timing and inputs from your training, and after a few warmup matches, you’ll be back to shape. I’ve known plenty of good players who are able to play old games that they never practice, yet they’re still able to dominate newer players who practice regularly.

If you know one game you know pretty much all of them. Fundamentals never leave you once you learn them. All you have to do is learn an engine for a game and use those fundamentals you’ve learned to make the most of the engine.

It’s not as hard as it sounds.

I play mostly older fighters on GGPO and Supercade. this makes me like SF4 even less.

I’ve recently pulled my finger out and have got around to taking fighting games seriously, mainly because I have a friend who owns a PS3 now and can play each other. Right now we are in the middle of playing SSF4AE and BBCS2. We both have other fighters as well but have come to a mutual decision to make SSF4AE and BB the high priority picks.

I’m not really at a competent level in both games just yet so this post might not be of much use but I think balancing two should be fine. Unless you have hit your head and gained amnesia as of late, I think you’ll be fine if you want to pick up BB again.

As for the whole mix up of things, the only mistakes I have ever made between BB and SSF4AE was once trying to airdash and once using MP+HP to throw in SSF4AE.

I admit, the first round I played SSF4 after months of playing nothing but MvC3, I tried to advancing guard Ken’s tatsu.

It’s not too hard to play multiple games when systems are completely different. It’s harder when systems are similar, but have minor differences that are extremely important. For example, burst in Guilty Gear is any button+dust. Burst in Blazblue is all four buttons. However, dust is a button that’s not used in Blazblue (heavy kick), and if you try to do a gold burst in Guilty Gear with the Blazblue buttons, you’ll enter instant kill mode which pretty much means you just threw the round.

Other differences usually include air mobility in games with air dashes. In Melty Blood you can jump after you use your airdash. In Guilty Gear you can’t (character dependent).