Playing multiple games competitively


I wanna get into ssf4/mvc3/mk9 competitively but how do people manage all these games at one time? I always find myself playing a single game while ignoring others, so basically i’m looking for some advice on how to approach this scenario. Thanks SRK :woot:


Focusing on one would probably be a better idea as opposed to focusing on many. I mean, sure, you can try it, but be assured that it’s quite hard. If you really want to get good at any of them, then your best chance is to choose one to play hard and proceed to play that game really, really hard.


A lot of people whom manage to be competitive in multiple games have a good amount of experience in fighting games in general. Most capcom games are based on similar concepts, so keeping multiple games straight might not be as difficult as you think.


Yeah it just comes with time under the belt.


Im not speaking from having experience in managing multiple fighting games but I should think some general things could cross over from doing it with the fps genre.
I think if you do not have a fair amount of time on your hands to play them all on a regular basis (Ignoring them for one game is different) then I wouldnt say taking them all up would be good idea because you ‘cant’ accomplish much on all 3, whereas playing one in the time you have might be more worth while (On a competitive level).
Even so - with the time that you have, sounds simple but rotate the games. If you ever get frustated with one, use it as motivation to move on to a different title. If you ever think you have accomplished something such as mastering a new combo use it as a conclusion to one session on that particular game and move on again. Both help you stop ignoring the other games.
Hell even make a weekly schedule if you are that commited to doing it. By keeping it organised will ensure you are putting the effort into all 3.
Lastly if you excel in one game make sure to put time into another that might be lacking to compensate if you want to be strong equally.
Didnt expect to write this much but meh - my thoughts :slight_smile:


Competitive is one thing, pro is quite another. I can play competently in multiple games [arcade worthy] but am nothing like a specialist. To be the best in any given game is a very nuanced ordeal and requires quite a bit more time. Although you said MK9 so that’s only like 5 extra minutes in your day.

So its all about your own dedication level. You really just have to play the hell out of all of them. Once you’ve gotten to a certain point its easy to keep your execution and fundementals straight with only an hour or so of practice, but if its two very different games [i.e. sf and tekken] it may take awhile to get there. Another idea is to play simplistic characters for different games so that you don’t have to be studying tons of tiny details allowing you to use your breadth of FG philosophy instead to be competitive. I remember tokido did decently in tekken playing bob for instance.