Playing offline, noticing input you do it?

Started playing at an arcade recently, I played this dude that is an Akuma player, he does whiff demon flip palm into super, but I can frickin hear him hittin hella buttons as the palm whiffs like it’s obvious a demon is coming out

Similarly as Ryu aginst Abel, he has U1, I can hear and see the dude sitting 3/4 screen away rolling the stick getting ready for ultra on reaction to my fireball, despite his character staying crouched, so I wouldn’t know for sure he was rolling it if he was online

Is this bad manner or what, what I am really curious about is whether people pick up on the fact that people are recognizing their inputs and maybe do fake shit?? Like maybe IRL i would act lik eI’m doing wakeup ultra by mashing my 7th and 8th buttons on the stick, which I leave as “No function”

Fighting games existed before they were playable online, so why bother about “I wouldn’t know if he was online”?

Most of my fighting game experience against other players is online so I guess that’s where I’m coming from

Meta is meta. If you can hear them doing something and use it to your advantage, you do, likewise, mashing “no function” buttons to make them do something is just as viable and legit a strategy.

Kicking them in the leg is also legit. Or if you swing that way, rubbing up against their thigh.

I’m curious to know if anyone mashes No input buttons for some meta irl mindgame shit

A friend did that to me once. I stupidly did a wake-up ultra and died. :rofl: