Playing old .krec files on the new Feb 11th client

I am loving the new p2p client, but I am wondering if it is possible to play the .krec files produced in Nov 1st clients and earlier on the new p2p client. (Especially since a cursory glance at the features seems to suggest that many of the features I requested have made it in.) I installed the p2p client via the installer in mame, but it detects no .krec files in my records directory, despite there being tons there. I even browsed to the folder to select a file manually, but I get an error, something akin to “not compatible” or not a recognized file.

The p2p site says this about the new player:
Last updated: February 09 2008 01:20:24.
This is our recorder module. It records game data as “.krec” files(super compresed KRC1 format…not compatible old KRC0 format). Work on this module is complete.
Size: 74752 bytes”

I am guessing from this (although I am not entirely sure) that older files are no longer compatible… or it could mean that it will no longer produce old .krec files. I wanted to clear this up.

Thanks for any help or clarification.

Maybe someone has some info on this problem since the new version has been out a little longer?

wishful thinking: it would be cool if the player were backwards compatible. recorder would only record in new format, but player could play both new and old formats.

It may be a bit of wishful thinking, but is it confirmed not to work? Did you try it as well? I thought I might have been making an error someway along the line.

yeah i tried, the new player doesn’t detect the .krec files that were recorded using the old recorder.