Playing old Street Fighter games will hinder or help me to get better at SFV?


I just bought SFV and I suck at fighting games, but I have access to street fighers alpha 3 in my psp. Should I play it or forget that it exist?


well if you suck at sf5, then you’re REALLY gonna suck at alpha 3


Actually, I suck at all fighting games, never put any effort to learn them, now I decided to really learn with SFV, I just want to know if playing SFA3 would help me , hinder me, or doesn’t matter.


Are you trying to learn spacing? Neutral? Execution? Don’t play on the psp


There’s a lot of generalized concepts that carry over between fighting games. The more fighting games you play, the better you’ll generally be.


As a general rule of thumb usually fighting games on portable systems or anything ported to a home system under the 6th generation are a bad idea if you want to start taking them seriously


I would say no, SFV is a good game to start with actually. Just a matter of building muscle memory.

SFV is a really basic fundamentals game.


Hence why you suck lol. But you admit that you suck which is the first step. Then came here asking question with a desire to git gud. So you’re on your way. SFA3 wont really do anything to help you. Start with basics. Pick a character, learn their moves everything from normals to specials and practice doing them consistently, understand their effective ranges, and what can combo into what. Then go online or find a buddy to play with off line and get some matches in. Win or lose, use the recording feature to save your matches. Watch the replays and see what you did wrong and or did right. Work on perfecting what you did right, and work on fixing what you did wrong.

From there. Anything specific like a character match up or a move that’s giving you trouble. Just comeback here and ask. And also realize you are gonna have to take some losses and learn from them before you improve. Just don’t get discouraged and simply enjoy the journey. The wins will come in time.


Thanks for the tips guys, I will stick with sfv and try to imrpove. @Eren, I just need to learn from zero, I actually just mash or spam specials for now. Started to practice Karin yesterday, tried the challenge trials first, current stuck on n°6. Found this forum today and I’m reading the basic guides XD. Didn’t even know that fighting games could be so deep. Since I love race sims and the aspect of training a lot to improve just some miliseconds on my laps, I think I will enjoy to develop my skill in fighting games too.


Alpha 3 is by no means easier than SF5, especially on PSP. SF5 is the best place to start - controls are more modern and lenient, you don’t have to care about the -isms and you have tons of actual opponents available to fight. Just put all your effort in training and also in reading stuff (the latter is very important to me - reading or watching guides makes you identify your mistakes much easier and adds more thinking in the way you play).
Fighting games are among the most technical video game genres when it comes to playing them seriously, but with the good mindset they become very rewarding in the long run.


You’re not going to do anything in SFA3 on PSP to help you in SFV. In order to do that, you’d have to at least play against real people so you can strengthen your fundamentals. Going into training and learning SFA3 combos and setups isn’t going to transfer over to SFV. If you want to get better at SFV, then you must play SFV.


You should play Alpha 3 because it’s a fun game, not because it will or will not help you get better at SFV.


Playing old SF games will definitely build fundamentals [spacing, normal’s, specials, reading etc].
You get an idea of the basics that carry you through EVERY SF game.


Best time to mess with that copy of A3 is when you are burned out on SFV. Ifyou think you are in it for the long haul and want to start going to or hosting events then buy a PS3 and you can get tons of Capcom fighters dirt cheap that you can play with new friends you will meet. At some of the bigger tournaments they still play these old games. At Youmacon2015 in Detroit I ran the Bracket for an A3 round robin that Chris G entered.