Playing on a big TV

I’m playing SF5 on ps4 using a lan cable through a 70" led tv. Just wondering if I use the tv on game mode whether the latency will be at an acceptable level for online play etc?

Normally, big screens are laggier. Just check the input lag of your tv. There are lots of test out there. Just Google it. Anything above 40ms should concern you. Ideally, you should use a monitor, which are faster than tvs. But depending on the lag, it’s playable, so you don’t need to rush for a benq or Asus expensive monitors. I also play on tv (14ms lag, which is about 1 frame and very impressive for a TV) and have no problems.

Unless you are really trying to become competitive in SFV, don’t worry about it.

If you plan on competing in online or offline tournaments you should definitely worry.

Big tvs tend to have more lag and your only saving grace would be to see if your tv has a game mode that can turn off some of the processing and reduce the lag. Otherwise get a good monitor from the selection at displaylag

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So does that mean I will serious compromise my ability to be competitive online using a big TV?

If you don’t already have a TV that size, and are wanting to without negatively affecting play, look into digital signage displays. Those displays are typically sub 40 ms lag, which is what you need to not negatively impact you.

You want a screen you can fit your entire vision in, with a high refresh rate and a decent pixel count. Personally I use gaming monitors for gaming even on the PS4 and just use my surround sound for the sound, as you know they are up to the job with most quoting a max latency of 1 millisecond, some maybe 2 milliseconds plus they are generally cheaper than a TV and you can use it as a TV if you get a sound system.