Playing on a PS2 with a cthulu

Hey guys, new to the forums here and to fighting games in general. Sup?

I’m working on a custom stick right now, a friend of mine built the frame for me and I’ve done all the wiring and soldering. I’m using a standard assembled cthulu board that I bought off of lizardlick, NOT the MC mind you, just the regular one.

So far its working like a charm on PS3, PC and mac, i love it. My question is what is the best way to go about getting this to work on PS2? I originally thought the cthulu could do PS2 but I misread it–it said PS2 games ON PS3–Then yesterday I discovered the Multi-Cthulu which apparently CAN do PS2… though I still don’t understand if its a USB output to PS2, or a PS2 cord output to PS2…or a USB output in which you are supposed to use a converter to PS2. Very confusing.

Also, does there exist such a thing as a PS3 to PS2 converter that I could use with the regular cthulu I already have built into my box? I have had latency issues with some converters in the past.

So the 2 things I were thinking were either sell my cthulu and buy a multi-cthulu, or get a ps3->ps2 adapter if this exists. Any thoughts?

I have not heard of a PS3 to PS2 adaptor.

For PS2:

Even crazier is installing a RJ-45 jack so you just have to change the cord.

You can also upgrade your cthulhu to be a MC cthulhu. Don’t know if Toodles has this in stock anymore.
Search this post for this:
MC Cthulhu Upgrade Chip and diodes: $12

A friend of mind multi-modded his TE stick to work on 360/ps3/ps2. It’s had issues pausing on it’s own or not being recognized on ps2 3s. Same with mine. Hasn’t done it in a while but after only 2 months I had to quit using it in tourneys when playing ps2 games. Something to consider when dual modding using a cthulu board.

I don’t get it, you aren’t dual modding when you have a MC Cthulhu? It’s one PCB.

The one I have was for PS3 and then I had a ps2 pad in the stick.

I’m confused. Did the ps2 pad go haywire in 3S, or the MC Cthulhu with a PS2 cord in it?