Playing on keyboard

anybody else do this every now and again? i’m at work, playing SF3 on keyboard, and i find my parries are more accurate… but i’m having a problem doing half circles… no red fireballs for my akuma :frowning:

i always play cvs2 at work and keyboard isnt that bad

except with a-sakura and a-bison D:

any tips on half circles?

Get a stick. God only knows how some people play on keyboard. I remember playing on Kaillera and there was this dude whuppin me with Gato in MOTW. I asked him what he was playing on and he said “oh keyboard”. :wtf:

Just do a smooth motion from left, to down, to right. If you can do a fireball, you should be able to do a half-circle motion.

3rd Strike’s input system is fairly lenient, if you’re not getting it you should do it a bit faster until you get the inputs out.

i can do 360s in zsnes SSF2 with gief… but i can’t do a red with akuma in 3S… i dunno…

and i have a stick and USB adapter… but how would it be going to work with all that?

im still in a “ill believe it when i see it” mindset when it comes to keyboard use executing intense actions. i dont see it. i honestly dont. and i think most people that play “online” are bullshitting and just saying they are on keyboard so they can sound leet for when they do crazy stuff or when they win, or they can have an excuse for when they get their asses handed to em. until i see people doing standard shit IN PERSON and can actually play well, competitively, then ill believe it. and i also think kb users rely on “special functions” to help them out

i’ve played fatherbrain online several times on keyboard, as well as playing turbovec in cyberbots on keyboard 99% of the time that i play him… one day, i’ll record myself playing something on keyboard and doing combos… i was showing a friend of mine fast fly combos with sentinel on keyboard.
it’s really not that hard.

yeah when I play third strike and super turbo online I use a keyboard. The key to doing half circles and quarter circles is to sort of roll you fingers on the arrow keys/wasd/whatever you use. Here is a quick guide for half circle fowards on the arrow keys (sorry if it sounds as if I am talking down to you but it took me a while to be able to consistently perform joystick rolls on a keyboard and this is basically my method):

  1. place the tips of your index, middle, and ring fingers on the left, down, and right arrow keys respectively
  2. hit the left arrow key with index finger and hold it down
  3. press and hold down the down arrow key with middle finger while still pressing the left arrow key
  4. release the left arrow key (now you should only be pressing the down arrow key)
  5. hit the right arrow key with ring finger and hold it down (fingers should be pressing on both the down and right arrow keys now)
  6. Release the down arrow key (you only should be pressing the right arrow key now)
  7. Now your half circle forward is complete. Finish your special move and enjoy.

For quarter circle fowards just do same method only start with down key (quarter circles can be done with index and middle fingers for faster input). for backward half and quarter circles just reverse the order in which you hit the keys. Practicing this technique will allow the throwing of fireballs with great ease on a keyboard. Sorry again if I seem to be talking down to you, but I just wanted to make an idiot proof guide to performing special moves on a keyboard.

quarter circles are easy… for whatever reason, i can’t get a half circle, using that method on keyboard… it MIGHT be thsi laptop… or it might just be because i fail… but whatever…

and sabre… i re-read your post… i don’t plan on competiting! haha

keyboard warriors are cool and all… but bleh… a stick player > keyboard most of the time.

I am using one of those old “clackity-clack” IBM keyboards so maybe it might be easier on those.

This is like the contollers versus sticks argument, if you think about it.

Trust me, when you’re forced to use one thing due to the lack of availability, you start doing stuff and don’t think much of it afterwards. I used to play keyboard emulated games a whole lot, although it seemed like I could play SNK games a bit more than Capcom games on the keyboard layout.

Counting on the keyboard, some of them require shortcut buttons for multiple inputs like 3 punches or something like that, but other than that they’re definitely doable and are about as accurate as using a controller, maybe more.

I basically go down this list of controllers to use when playing fighting games. The only exception is that I prefer a keyboard to a snes pad when playing street fighter. I do not have any console to pc adapters except for an snes one (great for everything except street fighter :sad: )

arcade stick with arcade parts (sanwa/seimitsu/happ) > Saturn pad > Sega Genesis 6 button pad (the original sega one not crappy the majesco rerelease with the turbo switch) > the og microsoft sidewinder (the gameport one as the usb one has a wonkey dpad) > super nintendo pad (yeah I am ranking this higher than the sf anniverary pad and other 6-button pads as at least the dpad will not wonk out on me) > keyboard > almost all other pads


people underestimate keyboards
before i had a stick i was a keyboard warrior [i still kind of am] and i can tell you that if your keyboard can bypass the 3 button press shit then it is probably better than most controllers because keyboards have instant inputs/directionals. the only thing getting in the way would be your fingers!!! a lot of shit is completely possible on KB.

I play all my Kawaks games on a keyboard (getting a controller soon), but playing keyboard while still depending on your HCF and QCF circle moves is a good way to break a keyboard…

model m keyboards (of which i own two different models, the standard 1984 model m and the smaller ps/1 model m2) don’t have something called full n-key rollover, which is something that a keyboard should have if you ever wanted to play street fighter on it.

pretty much most people who use keyboards have to use PPP and KKK shortcuts not because they can’t actually hit all the buttons, but because keyboards have masking / ghosting / blocking issues that actively prevent most keyboards from accepting more than 3-4 inputs at a time. full n-key rollover is essentially the ability for a keyboard to input as many keys you want to at once. getting keyboards like this is difficult because they are rare and kind of expensive.

the only keyboard i know that has this that you can easily get is the razer tarantula, but the tarantula fucking sucks quality-wise in terms of the actual building of the damn thing. every time i’ve tried one, at least one of the keys is fubar, making it fucking impossible to use them.

i actually was talking with some keyboard and keyboard encoder manufacturers about creating something like the old model m keyboard, with full n-key rollover. getting the electronics manufactured has a prohibitively steep “startup” cost (starting anywhere from $1500 to $3500 to get it designed / made!), and then noone is quite sure how much making the actual encoder would cost (i honestly can’t imagine it being much more expensive to make than a matrix nowadays, though). soooooo… if someone knows an investor, you call me, okay? :looney:

I can select akuma in super turbo manually (without setting a button for lp+mp+hp) so I guess my keyboard is good enough.

I played with keyboard with no problems except for the zangief play. If someone can master the keyboard motions I dont see why high level cant be applied. Anyway I turned to a stick and I prefer it much more than the keyboard

HCB, HCF = difficult to do.
HCBx2, HCFx2, 360, 720 = extremely (feels like impossible) to do.

keyboards are great, if you get used to them. i’m only comfortable with keyboard because i used to have mortal kombat 3 for my computer (1990s, hell yeah), and i didn’t have a controller. :lol:

I find that the only hard moves to do are 360 and 720. Everything else is easy.